It is our own fault if the friend from us hidden is,

Open your eyes to see that the whole world Mount Sina is.

Don't boast that the sun's face is not seen,

By the bat's eyes incapable of seeing the slightest light.

O God, this fancy curtain which is hanging in front of our eyes,

Unveil it so that I see the world whole light is.

I wish in the rogues' circle there were a trace of the friend (the real Beloved),

There, one talks about being helped not the helper is.

Alas! If one day the secrets are unveiled,

It will be revealed what within this covered cloak there is.

What shall I do as to be let enter your abode?

For this journey needs provisions and this way far is.

The love's territory which immodaration and wandering about, is

The claimant in its quest of it, capricious and arrogant is.

He who saw his moon-like face, kept quiet,

The one who praises, you with his utterance happy is.

It is the time that I sit and keep quiet,

His praise overal inscribed.

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