Imam Rida (PBUH)'s holy shrine sources of divine mercies, abundance

Imam Rida (PBUH)'s holy shrine sources of divine mercies, abundance

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic once in a historic address said that it was source of pride for Iranians as they are living shelter of holy shrine of Imam Rida (PBUH), which is sources of abundance for all believers and faithful people. 

Imam Khomeini through his historic speeches and messages also described the holy shrine of Imam Rida (PBUH) in city of Mashhad as a site of knowledge, wisdom and landing place of divine angels. 

Imam Khomeini also defined the holy shrine as source of spiritual abundances and divine mercy. Some of key expressions by Imam Khomeini in this regard come as following:  

You honorable (audience) who come from the holy city of Mashhad, which is the center for devotion to the pure progeny of the holy prophet, have great spiritual prosperity.

You everyday wake up as your eyes are blessed to be focused on Imam Rida (PBUH)’s the holy shrine, which is center of knowledge and landing place of angels. This is while we all miss this… 

(Sahifeh ye-Imam, Vol. 12, P. 106)    

Imam Rida (PBUH), who faced all those unpleasant occurring and sufferings for spiritual cause, paved the way with great patience.

He was also committed to keep the people’s persistence and perseverance as well.

(Sahifeh ye-Imam, Vol. 13, P. 426)   

Hearts of divine angels are centered on the holy shrine of Imam Rida (PBUH) 

(Sahifeh ye-Imam, Vol. 16, P. 388) 

Kissing burial chamber and holy shrine is one of my major wishes.  

(Sahifeh ye-Imam, Vol. 10, P. 459) 

All forces and powers need special attention of Imam Reza (PBUH)

(Sahifeh ye-Imam, Vol. 16, P. 387) 

Imam Khomeini frequently through his messages said that the Islamic Revolution has had deep roots in Imam Hossain (PBUH) historical uprising of Ashura.

The late founder of the Islamic Republic stressed on following footsteps of the holy prophet and his infallible successors, including Imam Rida (PBUH). 

Imam Rida, one of the infallible successors of the holy prophet of Islam was decorated with numerous divine-oriented moral attributes and was well-known and popular among people due to his knowledge and wisdom.

The infallible Imam was divinely entitled "al-Rida" which means that Allah Almighty and His holy messenger were deeply pleased with him.

Majlisi in Biharul Anwar V 49 Page 101, writes that our 8th Imam insisted on eating his meals only after the entire members of his family, young and old, servants and grooms were present. One day someone who was fonder of royal formalities than the fraternity of the Ahlul Bayt, suggested that it would be better to make separate eating arrangements for the servants, The Imam replied, "All are created by God, Adam is their father and Eve is their mother. Everyone will be dealt with by God according to his deeds. Why should there be any discrimination in this world."

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