Imam Khomeini defined complicated mystical concepts in form of poetry

Imam Khomeini defined complicated mystical concepts in form of poetry

What makes Imam Khomeini’s personality distinguished is his capability to mention very complicated mystic and social concepts in the form of poetry.

Imam Khomeini’s exceptional talent for mystic poetry foresees the world and its surroundings issues with deep wisdom. 

Most of people around the globe recognize the great Imam as the great religious and political leader of the Muslim world and the oppressed nations.

 It would be interesting for most of people around the globe to know that Imam was a great jurisprudent, mystic, politician, philosopher and intellectual.

Imam Khomeini, who used to write poetry during his youth-hood and even after accepting responsibility as the leader of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, has expressed very complicated social, moral, and mystical concepts in form poetic form and each of the verse contains treasure of wisdom and unique approach to a variety of issues.

The poetic verses also illustrate the inner and mystic beauty of Imam Khomeini’s dynamic thought and his pure emotions towards divinity, people and society.

A large number of pundits have hailed and praised Imam’s talents for poetry, his unique approach to mystical issues and his perception of the universe. 

The following poetic verses by Imam Khomeini contains deep mystical concepts and perception.

 The Flight of the Soul

If the way were clear to her alley before dawn,

If my sleeping fate would join me for a while,

If the morning breeze would find its way to the lane of the Friend,

If my distressed heart would become intimate with that cypress stature one,

If the reed would tell of the pain of the hearts of the lovers,

If the sore heart would harmonize with the sorely desired,

If Solomon had mercy on the sorrow of a weak ant,

So that it held up its head and became eminent among the companion of the heart,

In this desire I'll offer my head; for her arrival I'll shed my life,

If she opens the gate for me, and returns my affection.

Cast your shadow upon my head, O cypress of the garden of excellence,

Until my soul is ready to fly from this world.

Tir 1366 AHS
[June-July 1987]

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