God Almighty created mankind for His own sake, Imam Khomeini stressed

God Almighty created mankind for His own sake, Imam Khomeini stressed

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic, stressed that God Almighty has created human beings for His own sake.

Imam Khomeini, the great mystic of the contemporary history recommends believers and faithful people to undertake serious efforts to decorate themselves with divine virtues.

The founder of the Islamic Republic has conducted a series of discussion to guide the faithful and truth-seekers in this regard.

Imam in this regard delivers advice as following: 

My friend! wake up from the slumber of forgetfulness and carelessness, be aware, do not let sleep overtake your senses, and know that God Almighty has created you for His own sake, as stated in one hadith qudsi:

O progeny of Adam, We have made everything for you and you for Our service.

He has made your heart His own habitation. You and your hearts are the abodes of Divine honor. God Almighty is intolerant regarding His Dignity and honor.

Do not be careless in this regard, and do not justify any violation of the Divine principles; and be afraid of His retribution so that you may not be disgraced and made infamous in this world in such a way that despite all efforts you are not able to undo what may befall you.

He is—the Most Merciful of the merciful—, but at the same time He is —the severest of the punishers— also. He Himself says that He covers up bad deeds as long as they do not cross certain limits. 

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