He would always clean his shoes with a napkin

Whenever the Imam wanted to be received at the shrine in Najaf, he would clean his shoes with a napkin. He also placed a mirror in the front yard that he would use to look into to comb his beard. He would also use fragrance and leave the house. He would even not neglect the non-obligatory acts and would always tell us to perform them. Sometimes I would visit the house of the Imam twice a day. However, whenever we wanted to go to his house we never went directly because we thought that if he saw us in that state, he would ask us the reason for our unkempt appearance and why we looked so horrible and that we must look proper and disciplined. We would always try to look neat and proper so that when we met him, we were neat and in appropriate attire.

He would always clean his shoes with a napkin: Zahra Ishraqi

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