Imam Khomeini fostered unity,  formed united front of oppressed nations

Imam Khomeini fostered unity, formed united front of oppressed nations

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic through his historic words and messages recommended the Muslims and followers of all divine religions to become united against aggressive policies of the world arrogance, exploiting and colonial powers.

Imam Khomeini, leader of the contemporary history, stressed that the world arrogance was dividing oppressed nations on ethnic line and sowing seeds of sectarian divisions.

Some of Imam’s historic quotes in this regard come as following:

Here we can read some words of Imam Khomeini in this regard:

1. The Muslims must be a united Hand against all arrogance.

2. Invitation to Islam is principally invitation to unity.

3. All over the world the faithful are brothers and by the decree of the Quran brothers are equals.

4. In Islam, this Fraternity is the source of charity.

5. By the maintenance of fraternity you have arrived here, advance by preserving it!

6. I have repeatedly declared that in Islam things like race, language, nationality and geography are not topical issues, Muslims, whether Sunni or Shiite are brothers and therefore, equals and all enjoy all of the Islamic privileges and rights.

7. In Islam, Kurds (an Iranian ethnic group living in the West of Iran (or Fars, Sunni or Shiite do not count since they are all brothers and equal.

8. We all have the duty to join hands, be brothers and, together, reconstruct Iran.

9. What we all need now is preservation of this unity.

10. As long as you are a single solid none, none can break it.

11. If you are interested in the independence of Iran, have religious unity!

12. The way to rescue a nation from the claws of colonization is via the religion that is rooted deep in the soul of that nation.

13. As long as you maintain your unity, God is with you. "God's hand is with the group  Tradition ascribed to the  honorable prophet

14. By unity of word and reliance on Islam, the Iranian nation advanced the Movement; it will not abandon this secret.

15. We must all understand that "unity of the word is the secret of victory and never lose this secret.

16. By the grace of tranquility and unity we can advance this country to the high Islamic objectives.

17. Today is the day for unity and oneness and this, too, is one of the great blessings of God.

18. We all know what miraculous effects unity of the nation has had and still has and, in contrast, what miseries discord and dispute have brought to the nation in the course of its history!

19. The secret of the victory of you, great nation, was the unity of word and reliance on faith.

20. It was your concern for God, for ~Allah-o-Akbar and the unity that made you triumph over those powers.

21. Defense of Islam and of the Islamic Republic is among the important duties incumbent on all of us and it requires unity.

22. Try not to lose this unity of word and trust in God.

23. If the Muslims were a united, single fist, none can rise up against them.

24. If Muslims unite, no government can dominate them.

25. Islam has come to unite all nations of the world, -Arab, Ajam (non-Arabs), Turk, Fars, etc. and form one great ummh by the name of the Islamic Ummh, in the entire world.

26. We the Shiites and Sunnis must be brothers to one another and not let others come and take away all we have.

27. It is incumbent on all Muslims to be together.

28. If Muslim nations, that together are about one billion people, be brother and act as brothers no harm shall come to them.

29. I humbly extend a hand to all the flanks that are in service to Islam and ask them all to come together and in perfect unison work to expand the Islamic justice that is the only way for the nation to attain to happiness.

30. I have tried with all my strength and will continue to do all I can for the unity of all strata of our people and pray to God to help us in this important matter on which depends the survival of the nation.

31. Wholesome and creative speeches in healthy, quiet surroundings are useful to develop unity and understanding and prevent disputes and will please the Lord.

32. Do not keep saying "unity, but not go after it. Be active together, you are brothers to one another.

33. I say with emphasis that if the heads were good to one another, this country shall see no harm. If any harm comes to it, it is due disputes among the heads.

34. I have often said that you must have unity of the word in order to do something. If each go a different way and push to a different direction, only foreigners may benefit by results, if any.

35. We must unite, if we do, we shall see no harm.

36. If you want to see Islam realized, and the entire marks of polytheism and paganism leave this country, preserve this unity of the word and this Movement.

37. If a nation wants to remain safe, first, its people must be united and secondly, do its work well!

38. We do not have an army separate from the Sepah, nor do we have a Sepah separate from the Committee (Revolutionary) nor are committees separate from the Basij. Furthermore, none of these are separate from the Tribal units. We are brothers all with different names but a single soul.

39. In the Islamic Republic all forces work for a single purpose and objective. They must all be a "single hand against the enemies and opponents of the Islamic Republic.

40. Today, the solidarity among the brave nation, the valiant army and dauntless Sepah is such, the like of which the histories of Iran and the world have not had.

41. We are united, strong and ready for battle yet, we are subject to trespass and oppression by foreigners.

42. Students of high schools, universities, and student-clergymen must all preserve their unity with all their might and support their Islamic Revolution.

43. Let us be brothers, disputation is the work of the hellish.

44. Today, the secret code of your victory is unity of the word.

45. You need unity of the word, today more than yesterday and tomorrow more than today.

46. It was the will of God that obliged the entire nation and united all layers of the population together.

47. Be sure, when a nation unites in an Islamic matter, as you witnessed, no power can push it back.

48. All Muslims are brothers and equal, no one is separate from another and all must be under the banner of Islam and of monotheism.




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