He would sit on the ground

After the year 1942, the Imam would usually spend the summers in Mashhad and on this occasion, one or two senior clergymen of our theological school who were friendly with him organized visits. The school had a small number of students and an exclusive group of theologians whose number did not exceed ten or fifteen persons and who knew the Imam would come to meet him. He would also make several visits over there. The head of that school was a prominent theologian and was very close to him. It was the blessed month of Ramadan and summer. At nights until the break of dawn, the Gowharshad mosque would be filled with people. The people would not sleep at night in order to supplicate at nights and instead would sleep during the day. I would go to the Gowharshad mosque because prominent sermonizers would deliver sermons there. One of them was my own father. Inside the Gowharshad mosque and its precincts, there were persons who would supplicate on their own. I would often note the Imam place his robe on the ground and sit in the midst of the people. In those times, not many people knew him. At nine in the night when I would pass from there in order to go to the Shrine of Imam Rida (‘a), I would see him sitting and being engaged in supplication. I would go to the shrine, recite my daily prayers, engage in debate with the seminary students in a corner of the mosque and about three hours later when I returned and passed from there, I would see that he was still sitting and reciting prayers, supplications and the Qur’an. I would be very amazed at his patience and endurance that he was so much devoted to prayers and worship.

He would sit on the ground: Ayatullah Wa‘iz-Zadeh Khorasani extracts from biography of Imam Khomeini

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