Iran made scientific progress under Imam Khomeini leadership

Iran made scientific progress under Imam Khomeini leadership

The Iranian nation made dramatic progress in fields of science and technology following the victory of Islamic Revolution under wise leadership of Imam Khomeini.

 The founder of the Islamic Republic voiced support for artistic and cultural activities following the victory of the Islamic Revolution. Unlike some clergies at the time, he did not oppose cultural institutions like cinemas, theaters, televisions, etc.

The triumph of Islamic revolution that’s been indebted to the prudent leadership of Imam Khomeini, wide presence of descent people and the inquisitive lessons of Shia’s school of thought , has highly affected local, regional and global metabolism. This century’s miracle of God kept the world devours and oppressors’ hand away from our country on one hand and on the other lightened the light and sparks of hopping for Islam’s renaissance’s in the hearts of the world’s Muslims.

Today at the dawn of 39th year of this incredible event for a better and deeper retrospect and reinvestigation of the Islamic revolution we survey through some of its most important achievements in different fields of social, cultural, political, economic, scientific and others.

The most outstanding scientific and technical Achievements of the Islamic Revolution:

  • Entering the country into the exclusive sciences of the west following failure of the scientific apartheid.
  • Speed of scientific progress 11 times faster than the average speed of the scientific progress in the world.
  • Promotion of the scientific level of the country and the status of its universities.
  • Development of the spirit of research and blossoming of the humanistic talents.
  • Strengthening self-confidence of young geniuses and expansion of the countries scientific activities.
  • Producing the ground for using other countries’ researches free from just imitation of.
  • Progression in making technical, engineering and industrial infrastructures.  
  • Increase in the number of students from 154 thousands before the revolution to more than 4 million.
  • Turning Islamic republic into the medical axe of western pole.
  • Outstanding medical science progresses in fields such as basic cells, amending spinal cord damages, produce of strategic medicines, cloning animals and …        
  • Becoming a nuclear country and an achiever of a full processing knowledge of nuclear fuel (enrichment) despite of sanctions and threats.
  • Entering in the world space club with the local knowledge and technology and launching a few satellites with their domestic made carriers.
  • Valuable achievements in the fields of Nonos, Laser and…
  • Progress and development of steel industry, developing shipbuilding, growth in making aeroplanes, progress of the country in building wharfs, drilling oil and gas wells, building refineries, building dams, building silos, making high ways and kinds of metal and concrete structures.             


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