Justice is all virtues and middle way, Imam Khomeini defined

Justice is all virtues and middle way, Imam Khomeini defined

Imam Khomeini through his works and historic speeches defined that Justice is all virtues and middle way between the two extremes.

The middle way consists of the observance of moderation in the sense that if we presume two limits for each affair, the middle way is somewhere between the two extremes.

Thinkers have heeded the middle way and moderation since the remote past.

 'idalah, as a middle way in all affairs, brings about another result: transformation of 'idalah as the most preferable virtue or comprehensive virtue.

On this basis, since the middle way and observance of temperance in affairs is good, everything in its middle stage is regarded virtue and 'idalah will consist of virtues and good things. Imam Khomeini on 'idalah as the middle way said:

"Know that 'idalah consists of the middle way between the two extremes and this is of the most important ethical virtue," Imam explained.

Therefore, 'idalah, which consists of the middle way between the two extremes and between an overstatement and an understatement, is one of the great human virtues.

The great philosopher Aristotle had been quoted as saying that 'idalah is not part of virtue; it is the whole virtue, and oppression, its opposite, is not part of vice; it is vice itself.

Adjustment means the act of bringing something into conformity with external requirements or adjusting them to suit something else. From the view of Imam Khomeini, like many philosophers and moralists, 'idalah in the human soul signifies an adjustment of man's temporal powers and internal forces. In this sense, occasionally it is construed as adjustment between perceptive powers (theoretical reason and practical reason) and motivational (repelling and absorbing) virtue.

Amid this, some thinkers have taken 'idalah as an adjustment of practical forces and their purification. However, Imam Khomeini defined it as adjustment of physical and internal Powers.

And 'idalah has another application and consists of the regulation of all inward and outward forces and spiritual and physical forces.

Accordingly, it can be said that Imam Khomeini here heeded two attitudes to 'idalah: the special attitude of adjustment of practical forces and the general attitude of regulation of all forces.

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