The Imam went among the people

When martyr Raja’i was the Minister of Education, on September 20, 1979 he took the director-generals of that ministry to Qum for a meeting with the Imam. All of us were seated in the small room of the Imam while the common people and supporters of the Revolution in Qum would chant slogans in the streets. Suddenly, we were told that the Imam had come. We also saw part of the outer robe of the Imam and all stood up. How much ever we waited, the Imam did not enter. Suddenly the cry of ‘God is great’ arose from the crowd followed by salutations to the Prophet and His revered Household.  I asked what had happened and was told that the Imam gone in the midst of the people.

The Imam went among the people: Kiyumarth Sabiri (Gol Aqa)

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