Imam Khomeini revived spirituality, confronted materialism

Imam Khomeini revived spirituality, confronted materialism

Imam Khomeini lived in a world in which materialism, whether in the frame of eastern socialism or western liberalism, stood out and religion, spirituality, truth and 'Idalah were exposed to threats of all sorts by ill-wishing Mammonists, with the distorted form of something devoid of truth and value lingered in human societies.

Imam Khomeini lived in an era which can briefly be described as the age of tribulation for spirituality and interdiction for 'idalah, ignorance of fitrat (man's primordial nature) and emergence of numerous veils and the ensuing crises.

This crooked mentality, retrogression and petrifaction has pervaded religion and theological seminaries. Other political manifestations of the age were colonialism, despotism, oppression and tyranny emanating from this tribulation for lack of spirituality, interdiction for 'idalah and forgetfulness of fitrat and attachment to the mundane.

We are living in an age in which criminals are admired and approved of rather than reprimanded and punished. We are in an age in which supposedly human rights organizations guard the oppressive interests of super criminals and condone their tyranny and that of their affiliates.

Likewise, the Imam has the following to say about the situation of Iran in pre-revolution period:

"The Shah ruined our political, military, cultural and economic independence, making Iran dependent on the West or East in all dimensions, killing the people of Iran under torture and dungeons of prisons."

This situation is the result of worldliness and contumacy for the self and personal interests. As put by Imam Khomeini:

"Selfishness and abandonment of an uprising for God has led us to these dark times, making the world subdue us and overpowering the Islamic countries."

In this age, demonstrating attitude was strongly criticized by kingpins of science and knowledge, particularly in theological seminaries. The situation of philosophy was so deplorable that if anyone studied or taught philosophy, he would be excommunicated.

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