They must hit me on my head with these sticks

In the incident of the attack by agents of the inauspicious Pahlavi regime on the Faydiyyah Theological School, I was initially at the Faydiyyah School. I saw the situation in the class and the seminary to be abnormal and thus left the theological school and went to the house of the Imam in the middles of the class session. We were sitting with some seminary students in his presence and discussing the situation at the seminary. As we were discussing, some seminary students who were beaten up and injured entered the house of the Imam and gave an account of the happenings at the seminary and the beating, killing and wounding of the seminary students. One of the seminary students asked that the door of his house be closed in case they attacked the house. The Imam replied; No, I will not permit.” One of the theologians (late Sayyid Muhammad Sadiq Lavasani) who was a friend of the Imam said; “It is not a bad proposal. Please allow the door to be closed... it is dangerous.” The Imam retorted: “I said no and if you insist then I will leave the house and take to the streets. They must hit me on my head with these sticks with which they beat up the seminary students. Now should I close the door of my house? What are you saying?”

They must hit me on my head with these sticks: Ayatullah Amini

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