The telegram must be printed for the people

Sometimes the clergy would adopt the most hard-line and devastating stances against the radicals but the masses would generally not be informed of them. Sometimes also they would assume that relations between them were basically good! However, the Imam from the beginning of the movement in 1962, at a meeting with the theologians of Qum proposed that the telegraphic messages that were exchanged between the theologians and the Shah’s regime be printed and published for the people so that the general public would be fully informed of the clashes and stances of the involved parties. Not much later the Imam totally transformed the method of dealing with the regime and instead of addressing the Shah, the government and other authorities by means of telegram; he would speak directly with the people and resorted to officially issuing notifications.

The telegram must be printed for the people, Sayyid Hamid Ruhani, adapted from “Siyareh-e Imam Khomeini

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