Imam Khomeini stressed purification of the soul, realization of justice

Imam Khomeini stressed purification of the soul, realization of justice

From the Imam Khomeini’s perspective, spiritual journey, particularly mystical journey, and elevated moral qualities occupy a lofty standing.

 Therefore, the late founder of the Islamic Republic viewed happiness in light of moral and spiritual happiness that was subject to man's action and acquisition.

In this path; that is, traversing the path of justice and attaining happiness, Divine awe and piety, sincere intention, Divine motivation, presence of the heart, purity in action, inclination of heart and faring upon the spiritual journey have a primary and fundamental role.

 Also, in this respect, Imam Khomeini laid special stress on the purification of the soul and the realization of justice in this struggle, that is, the "greater combat", because all problems and difficulties encountered by human beings stem from uprising for personal interests, profiteering, selfishness, egoism and worldliness.

Hence, a greater combat of realizing 'idalah in the self is precedent to other struggles. First, one should begin with oneself, because as long as one pays attention to the self, the self wants everything for him.

And all difficulties originate from attention to the self and selfishness.

"When there is no faith and all man's attention is concentrated on one's self and he wants everything for the self, then problems arise. These conflicts are between selfishness. If all the saints of God got together somewhere, they would never conflict with each other. They would never disagree each other, because all of them work for God, from one source, and in one direction.”

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