Imam Khomeini defined law of intellect

Imam Khomeini defined law of intellect

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic through his theological works advised believers and faithful people to adjusted their qualities to Divine laws and intellectual criteria

From Imam Khomeini's viewpoint, this movement enables one to realize justice and moderation, abstain from intemperance and extreme views in affairs, move within the framework of the criterion of intellect and canons and, thus, attain real happiness.

According to Imam Khomeini, the delegation of Divine prophets and the revelation of all Divine scriptures were also for this purpose.

"Prophets came and brought laws. Divine books were revealed to them to prevent application and intemperance of nature and to bring the human self under control of the law of intellect and canon, making him edified and tame him so as not to behave beyond the limits of reason and canon. Therefore, any soul that adjusted his qualities to Divine laws and intellectual criteria will enjoy felicity and come under the category of people who have been delivered from adversities."

From Imam Khomeini's viewpoint, the government and its establishment is also an instrument for the realization of justice in society, for the establishment of a just and moderate society and for preventing deviations (or extreme views).

If justice is realized in society, man will move on the road to perfection and happiness; societies will also proceed towards what is advisable and righteousness. However, where there is no trace of justice, there will be no sign of happiness, expediency, good and righteous. Hence, man's bliss lies in the realization of justice in all aspects of society.

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