Imam Khomeini's views on foreign policy

Imam Khomeini's views on foreign policy

Imam Khomeini, as a jurist whose political viewpoints are based on jurisprudence principles, has expressed his viewpoints about foreign policy, in general, and foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in particular.

Since foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran follows suit with Islamic values and ideals, Imam Khomeini, as founder of this form of government, has designed theoretical bases and special principles for its foreign policy approach.

Since his viewpoints are of special importance in this regard, here we would try to discuss some of the most important principles and goals of the Iranian foreign policy from the viewpoint of Imam Khomeini by drawing upon his own words and writings.

This concept is rooted in the early years after the advent of Islam. At that time, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) tried to use the principle of lenience toward non-Muslim communities in order to attract them or, at least, reduce their hostilities toward Muslims and that principle had become one of the most important components of foreign policy of the Islamic system. In fact, his goal was to convey the message of God to all nations.

Foreign policies adopted by all countries interact with their environment and this is a focus of attention for policymakers and political analysts of those countries.

He maintained that foreign policy should be based on ideology; that is, foreign policy means external policy of Muslim countries in the face of countries which are located beyond borders of the Islamic country.

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