Imam Khomeini hailed and praised sacrifices by holy prophet's househod

Imam Khomeini hailed and praised sacrifices by holy prophet's househod

Imam Hussain (PBUH), the grandson of the holy prophet of Islam became distinguished amongst other martyrs and revolutionaries by characteristics that excel all other martyrs.

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic frequently stressed on promoting genuine and universal message of Imam Hussain (PBUH) to the entire world communities.

The whole humanity has been recommended to certainly follow the footsteps of Imam Hussain (PBUH) if they wanted to reach the divine mercy, and attain the bliss and felicity of this world and the hereafter. 

He became the master of all martyrs – from the first to the last –because of the majesty of the aims for which he started his revolution, the immensity of the sacrifice that he offered, and the perfection he achieved in various dimensions. 

Imam Khomeini the great spiritual and philosopher of the Muslim world raised awareness and hailed the companions of Imam Hussein (PBUH).

The great spiritual leader said that Imam Hussein (PBUH) offered so much sacrifices for the promotion of divine religion.  

“Islam is dear to the degree that the children of the Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and his family) have sacrificed their own lives for this religion.” 

The great religious leader said the grandson of the holy prophet of Islam rescued Islam from all types of distortion. 

“When the Master of Martyrs (PBUH) saw that they are distorting the religion of Islam, commit evil and oppress other on behalf of the Islamic caliphate, and this is being reflected in the world as acts committed by the Khalifah of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH), the Master of Martyrs was aware that his mandate was to rise in order to erase the effects of Muawiyah and his son.”

Imam Khomeini said that each era and land must take after to Karbala and masses and elites must carry out their divine duties in accordance. 

“This phrase – every day is Ashura and every land is Karbala – what a great phrase it is … Our nation should live by this word every day, that is that today is Ashura and we need to stand in the face of injustice, and here also is Karbala, and it is not confined to a piece of land, is not limited to a range of individuals; Karbala is not confined to seventy warriors and the land of Karbala; all the land must play this role and fulfill its duty.” 

Imam Khomeini made clear that there should be no thought of defeat in the performance of divine duty. He further confirms that the principle of victory and defeat is not entirely linked to a military triumph, but in fact that the work is in accordance with the divine standards and falls under the legal mandate. The great Imam says:

“The death of the Master of Martyrs (PBUH) was not a defeat, because it was for God, and revolting and dying in the way of God is never defeat.” 

Imam Khomeini said martyrs are the spiritual treasures of the eternal world. He views the loss of a loved one from amongst the martyrs not as a calamity, but as the essence of existence and immortality in the world of the Hereafter. He said in this regard as following: 

“Imam Hussein (PBUH) saw his jihad to be in the way of Allah, and for Allah, and because of this, he did not see it as a loss of loved ones, since they were the spiritual treasures for the world of existence.”      

The founder of the Islamic Republic believed that the message of Ashura must be persevered for future generations for centuries to come.

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