Education and training among main objectives of mankind, Imam Khomeini explained

Education and training among main objectives of mankind, Imam Khomeini explained

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic through a series of messages and speeches said that the main objective of divine prophets have been to educate and train humanity

Imam Khomeini said in a historic message on February 26, 1981 that all the messengers of God, the Most Exalted, the Most High, have been appointed to construct and perfect human beings. All the books of the Prophets, particularly, the Holy Quran, are trying to educate and train mankind.

According to Imam Khomeini, the world is based on education and training of human beings. The human being is the essence of all of the creatures and the outcome of the whole world.

All the Prophets are assigned to bring this essence into materialization, to turn the human being into a divine being.

This divine being then will have all the reflections and characteristics of God, the Most Exalted. He will become the center of illumination of the holy light of Almighty God.

(February 26, 1981)

The main feature of educational and training perspective of Imam Khomeini is the training based on human nature.

 Hence, Imam Khomeini emphasizes on developing human nature in the presentation of facts and nature of Islamic training.

 In this regard, he has elucidated meaning and concept of Fitrah, kinds of Fitrha, its origin, angles and aspects of Fitrah.

Imam has concluded that there are series of inherents and Fitrhas, but all the Fitrahs return human to either Fitrah towards love of perfection or escaping deficiency.

Fitrah is the origins of education, morality, religion, and art, from the perspective of Imam Khomeini.

According to Imam, basically, concept, fact and meaning of education is development of powers and Fitrah potentials. 

Imam Khomeini was of the opinion that if cultural problems are addressed and man is educated properly, all other problems will be solved: “So, culture is a man-making factory. The Prophets also came for the same purpose. They came to mend the man…”

According to Imam Khomeini, a complete and man-making culture exists only within Islam, and educating of society and people is possible only through the Islamic culture.

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