Pinya Topak

a professor at religion department of Bangkok University

PinyaTopak, Sopak, a professor at religion department of Bangkok University

Imam Khomeini’s message focused on relieving humanity

Imam’s message had been focused on relieving mankind from existing slavery of materialism. Imam with great background of spirituality and Quranic knowledge put great emphasis on this fact that the God, Almighty is creator and the universe with all its dignity is his creation.

Imam believed that all cultural and social values should be formed on foundations of piety.

Imam Khomeini as an expert well diagnosed the pains and sufferings of humanity. The reason behind all social, cultural and political challenge has been distancing from spiritual values and the solution is a return tofitrah and pure divine-oriented human nature.

Unlike other reformists and revival movements, Imam Khomeini’s move did not go around a single aspect, but it addressed various cultural, social and political dimensions and perspectives.

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