The mission of guarding Islam from Imam Khomeini's viewpoint

What comes following is part of Imam Khomeini's historic message in regard with making sacrifices for guarding and spreading genuine teachings of Islam

 Islam is dear to our hearts. Many people sacrificed themselves for its sake… Islam is held clear; it has offered many sacrifices. Islam gave a sacrifice like Imām Husayn (PBUH); it has to be preserved.

It is our turn now; Islam has fallen into our hands.

The Islamic Republic has been established. There is no more of the tāghūt (arrogance). We have to think about safeguarding Islam and preserving it.

We have to make efforts to get rid of these differences that have been consistently arising of late and which the enemies, who do not want to see Islam realized, are aggravating.

They are fanning the flames of discord. We must strive to safeguard this unity of expression which is God’s great blessing to us so that we will be able to take this movement safely.  

( Sahifeh-ye-Imam, Vol.8, page 375)


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