Iranian nation lost 72 innocent leading figures in 1981 terrorist attack

Iranian nation lost 72 innocent leading figures in 1981 terrorist attack

Dr. Beheshti was considered as a right-hand of the great Imam and the founder of the Islamic Republic on several occasion hailed Beheshti’s knowledge of worldly and religious affairs and his political wisdom.

June 27, 1981 marks a terrorist tragic act carried out by the US-led western backed terrorists against newly established system of Islamic Republic. The attack resulted in martyrdom of AyatollahBeheshti and his companions.

Imam had assigned Beheshti with drafting the constitution of the Islamic Republic even months before the emergence of the Revolution in 1979.  

Moreover, Dr. Beheshti was the founder of student activism in several European and Western countries. Several of his comrades played a key role in managing and handling affairs following the revolution victory at the sensitive juncture of history.  

Beheshti was assigned to several responsibilities during those decisive years and in the first post-revolutionary Iranian parliament; he led the Islamic Republic party.  

Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic issued a statement following the tragic event and martyrdom of 7th Tir, on June 28 in 1981.A part of the detailed statement come as following: 

“Iran nation lost 72 innocent people in this event, and the number is the same as it was in Karbala. Iran nation is proud of presenting such persons who devoted themselves in the way of Islam and Muslims. People's enemies martyred a group who had gathered for discussing about country’s policy…..”

 Imam Khomeini also said in a historic message that Martyr Ayatollah Dr. Sayyid Mohammad Hosseini Beheshti had been himself a nation. 

The casualties were caused after a bomb exploded at the headquarters of the Iran Islamic Republic Party (IRP) in Tehran, while a meeting of party leaders was in progress.

The terrorist attack was orchestrated by MKO, which at that time was involved in a campaign of assassinations against officials of the Islamic Republic and revolutionary figures.

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