Imam Khomeini warned against corrupt practices in Islamic-Republic system

Imam Khomeini warned against corrupt practices in Islamic-Republic system

Imam Khomeini through a series of his historic messages advised officials and other custodians to refrain from exercising corrupt practices in the newly established Islamic system.

In a historic message, Imam Khomeini once said that relevant authorities or persons in charge in all institutions should never commit such an action which can harm Islamic Republic system or defame the divine Islamic school of thought.

Do not do anything which can give hostile elements a chance to say that a corrupt regime has gone and another corrupt system has settled there, Imam stressed.

The Islamic revolution emerged victorious under his leadership the wise leadership of the Imam Khomeini due to unity, massive public support and enthusiasm of the public masses of the country at a sensitive juncture of the history. 

Imam also cautioned against misuse of freedoms and civil liberties that arose after the victory Islamic Revolution, saying that today, if this freedom is not used correctly, every mistake is considered to be the failure of Islam.   

The Islamic revolution can be described as a miracle because it had been unparallel and matchless as compared to other movements in recent era.

According to Imam Khomeini, the law of Islam and the divine command has absolute authority over all individuals and the Islamic government.

Everyone, including the Most Noble Messenger and his successors, is subject to law and will remain so for all eternity—the law that has been revealed by God, Almighty and Exalted, and expounded by the tongue of the Qur’an and the Most Noble Messenger.

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