Material gains alone will not create happiness, Imam Khomeini explained

Material gains alone will not create happiness, Imam Khomeini explained

 The late founder of the Islamic Republic through a series of historic messages stressed the need for purification of the soul and the self.

According to Imam Khomeini, Islam's attention to material life is because it can serve the spirituality. Spiritualities are the criteria.

All the differences among human beings are rooted in the rebellion of the 'self'. Those who seek to train others in this world should first purge and purify themselves.

A nation will come out victorious if it relies on spirituality.

Imam Khomeini explained that liberty is not happiness and prosperity in and of itself. Independence is not happiness alone. Material gains alone will not create happiness for a nation. Happiness will consist of all of the above mentioned factors, if they are encompassed by spirituality.

Imam on several occasions in this regard said as following:

The teaching of the Book and Wisdom will be impossible unless purgation comes first. You should purge your 'selves' from all contaminations. The worst one is the contamination of the 'self' with selfish and animal desires. (June 2, 1981)

If you are not purified, you will face rebellion of the 'self'. So long as you are not purged, knowledge will be dangerous for you and the most dangerous thing for you will be a high position. This may lead you to annihilation in this world as well as in the next world. (June 4, 1981)

Those who are trying to train others in this world should first purge themselves. Those who seek to rule over human beings should be purged and purified if they do not want to rebel (against God) and to not commit satanic deeds; The Ordainment is for this purpose. Purification for rulers, government officials, kings and for the presidents, is more necessary than for ordinary people. (June 2, 1981)

Our Revolution depends upon spirituality and God and those who are in agreement with us are those who agree with the line of monotheism. We should not forget the spiritual side for which we made such a Revolution. We should not neglect that spiritual side, for in spite of all our incompetence in propaganda and publicity, still the people of the world understand our Revolution. And it is the line of spirituality which oppressors and power­wielders are against. (October 15, 1981)

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