Imam Khomeini denounced crimes against pilgrims, revived true philosophy of Hajj

Imam Khomeini denounced crimes against pilgrims, revived true philosophy of Hajj

 In the most brutal incident which sent shock waves across the globe, Saudi forces attacked pilgrims during season of Hajj, on July 31, 1987, killing at least 400 of them. A large number of Iranians were also martyred during the Saudi aggression.

The incident happened as believers and faithful people were raising their voices and chanting slogans to defend the rights of Palestinian people against the atrocities and occupational agenda of Israel. 

Following the incident, Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic released the following message. Parts the historic message comes as following: 

 “This most horrible event has not only wounded the feelings of the Iranian people but has also shocked the hearts of all freedom-loving people and Muslims all over the world.”

“Saudis, the hypocritical rulers of Saudi Arabia and traitors to the sanctity of the two holy cities. This time their target was the hearts of the most devoted Muslims and the guests of God. The self-styled `host of the pilgrims' and the `keepers of the Holy Mosque' caused streams of the blood of Muslims to flow in the streets and alleys of Mecca.” 

“Thank God that this atrocity has created many loyal supporters for the Islamic Republic of Iran among the Hajj pilgrims of various nationalities, races and countries, even inside Saudi Arabia itself. They witnessed thescene of crime and will testify to our truthfulness and to the dimensions of the bloody carnage of Muslims at the hands of `the servants of the Holy Cities. ‘They will help us convey the bitter facts of this incident to all the people of the world.”

Iran has also canceled its participation in this year's holy pilgrimage to Mecca after Saudi authorities created a raft of “obstacles” instead. Saudi monarchy has also refused to guarantee the safety of pilgrims. 

Senior Iranian authorities have blamed Saudi Arabia for creating obstacles in the way of Iranians seeking to perform the ritual. 

The late founder of the Islamic Republic frequently through his speeches and messages exposed crimes being committed by House of Saud against Muslim Ummah.

The history of crimes and cruelty by House of Saud go back to decades. Saudi regime destroyed the holy shrine of the infallible Imams from decedents of the holy prophet of Islam in the first quarter of 20th century. The Muslims across the globe raised their voices against the House of Saud and their Wahhabi allies.


In 2015, over 2,400 foreign pilgrims, including more than 460 Iranians, were killed after two large masses of pilgrims converged at a crossroads in Mina, near the holy city of Mecca.

 The incident happened during the symbolic ceremony of the stoning of Satan in Jamarat on September 24, 2015.

The tragedy came days after a massive construction crane collapsed into Mecca’s Grand Mosque. The incident claimed lives of more than 100 people and left over 200 others wounded.

At least11 Iranian pilgrims were among the dead and 32 of the injured were also Iranian nationals.

Several experts and analysts maintain that numerous deadly incident at Hajj has proved that House of Saud has been incapable of manage Hajj event. They suggest the divine-oriented rituals should be organized by a group made up of capable individuals from Muslim nations.  

Meanwhile, we bring a significant part of the messages and statements by Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic, on the subject pertains to the revival of the Abrahamic and Mohammedan (PBUH) Hajj pilgrimage.

Exactly how the ‘religion’ of Islam and the Sunnah of Prophets Ibrahim and Ismail (peace be upon them) are related to modern international relations was the central theme of a message to the hujjaj issued by Imam Khomeini in Dhu al-Hijjah 1403 (September 1983). The following is an abridged translation of part of that message:

In the name of Allah, the compassionate, the merciful...

I congratulate the Muslims of the world on the great Islamic festivity, Eid al-Adha. This holiday brings to the minds of people the place of (Prophet) Ibrahim’s sacrifice – a place which offers a lesson of devotion and struggle in the way of Allah to the progeny of (Prophet) Adam, may the blessings of Allah be upon them all.

This leader of monotheism (tawheed), the great iconoclast (Ibrahim a.s.), taught us that offerings sacrifice for the sake of Allah, aside from monotheistic and religious considerations, also has political dimensions and social values. He taught us to offer our most cherished possessions for religion and the establishment of divine justice. He fostered understanding in Adam’s progeny that Makkah and Madinah were the places of sacrifice by all devotees of religion, places for the promulgation of monotheism and for the rejection of blasphemy.

He taught man to make jihad for truth and instructed us to convey to the world from these great places the virtues of devotion and self-sacrifice. He told the people of the world to forget their own egotisms for the sake of truth, for the establishment of divine justice and for cutting the hands of the world’s infidels. He taught man to sacrifice everything in the spirit of Ismail ibn Ibrahim. This idol-breaker and his beloved son, as well as another idol-breaker, Prophet Muhammad, upon all of whom be peace, taught man to break idols no matter what they are, and that the Ka’aba should be purged and cleansed from idols for as long as the world exists, no matter what the idols are, be they statues, the sun, the moon, animals or man.

No idols are worse or more dangerous than ‘taghuts’ which have been present throughout the course of history, from Adam to Ibrahim and to Muhammad, upon whom be peace, to eternity when the last idol-breaker shall issue the monotheistic cry from the Ka’aba. Are not the present superpowers big idols, which have forced the world to obey and worship them? They impose themselves upon the world through force and deceit. The great Ka’aba is the only place for breaking these idols. Ibrahim and Muhammad, upon whom be peace, raised the cry of monotheism from the Ka’aba, and their descendant the Mahdi will also do so in the world’s last days.

Allah said to Ibrahim: "And proclaim the pilgrimage among men. They will come to thee on foot and [mounted] on every kind of camel, lean on account of journeys through deep and distant mountain highways" (al-Qur’an, 22:27). They are to be purified from all impurities, above all blasphemy as it is said in the Qur’an (9:3): "And an announcement from Allah and his Apostle, to the people [assembled] on the holy day of the great pilgrimage: that Allah and his Apostle dissolve [treaty] obligations with pagans."

We should break idols with our cries, invitations, revelations and assemblies in Makkah. And we should reject all evils, the first of which is the great Satan [the US], lest it be said that there is "noise but few real Hajj pilgrims".

It is hoped that the Hajj pilgrims in Makkah, irrespective of their sects, will pray for the victory of Islam over global blasphemy, and for the vigilance of Muslims and their governments. May Allah show mercy to Muslims, help them to regain the splendour of their religion and cut the hands of world expansionists from their countries. And may Allah shower upon them forgiveness, for He is the most generous forgiver.

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