Shah spilled the blood of our youth

Shah spilled the blood of our youth

Imam Khomeini once said in a historic speech that people have been opposing the rule of Shah who had been assisted by a bunch of criminals and his associates are committing crimes against our youth.

 The contemporary leader of Muslim world also went onto add the Shah regime had been creating obstacles on the way to progress in all fields as it has kept Iran backward in education system and was responsible for ruining several other sectors.

Elsewhere in his historic speech, Imam said that establishment of an Islamic-democratic system would be trustworthy and shield the country’s resources from being plundered by criminals or external colonial powers.

The victory of Islamic Revolution under wise leadership of Imam Khomeini resulted in collapse of Shah regime in 1979.


On several occasions, millions of Iranians take to the streets nationwide to renew their allegiance to the Islamic establishment and Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic.


The text of Imam’s historic remarks come as following:


In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

We have been opposing the Shah's government for many years and still some people pretend not to understand and cover their ears! We recognized him for what he was from the start: a creature who brings disaster upon the nation of Iran daily and who spills the blood of our youth. Opposition to him has existed since the beginning (of his rule) and it has increased gradually, as his crimes increased so too did the opposition, until finally we arrived at the stage where we saw that he had destroyed everything we had: he had given our national resources away lock, stock and barrel; he had prevented all our active forces from progressing; he had kept our educational system in a retarded condition; he had ruined everything.

Now that the nation's opposition has reached its peak, and everyone (in the country) has risen up against him, he has become insane and no one can imagine what his situation and that of his government is at the present time he has brought in a group of soldiers and has formed a government. A number of criminals have formed the government and they are all like him! He has put them to rule over our country and during the first twenty-four hours of the month of Muharram, the number of people killed is said by some to be very high. I do not have precise information as yet, but two sources have put the figure of those killed at twenty thousand! I do not know what will happen next. I cannot believe that this is really the number of people killed, but up until now information to this effect has reached here from two sources; of course lower figures have also been given. What crime had been committed? What had this nation done other than to utter valid words saying:" We want a just government; we want a government that will use our country's resources for the country itself"?

Islamic government means cessation of plundering and stealing

We are saying repeatedly that we want an Islamic government and the gentlemen think that an Islamic government comes from the other side of the world! It is something that no one can even imagine! We say that a thief should be removed and a righteous person put in his stead. Is this so very important? Yes, it is. Islam has laid down conditions for government: it should be just; it should be trustworthy and reassuring. A just government should be brought to power, one that abides by Islamic laws. We are calling for an Islamic government so that such things as have been happening will not happen again, so that such a creature as he will not be able to take the whole of the nation's possessions in his own hands.

Over these past fifty years, they (the Shah and his father) have destroyed everything this country had. The Americans brought him) the Shah (to power and he is in their hands, so everything that Iran has, whether active human resources, subterranean wealth or the wealth which lies above the ground, should either be destroyed or should go into their) the Americans' (or his family's pockets. Now that sums of money amounting to many billions have already been taken out of Iran- a list was brought to us and we have seen the names, you too have probably seen this list »1«- they have recently decided that after all this stealing and destruction enough is enough and they should not take any more! Just what are they not to take out of the country? They have already taken everything! The Shah, his courtiers and the rest of his gang, these traitors have taken what they could. Such great sums they have taken, ranging from eight hundred million dollars each to two hundred, three hundred or five hundred million dollars. A very long list was brought here, and I too saw which people have taken what. They range from military people to courtiers and from ministers to members of the security organization, all of those who form his entourage and who have plundered this nation, placed the money in the bank and who now, upon seeing that there is the possibility that they will be stopped from doing this, are transferring the money abroad.

Necessity to move along with the torrent of the nation

Now that the Iranian nation has risen and is standing up to him, it is incumbent upon us all, upon all the `ulama', the maraji`, »1« the merchants and tradesmen, the intellectuals and the political parties to go with the flow of this flood until this rubbish has been swept away. If someone colludes with the regime in this affair, shows weakness and relaxes in his efforts, then whoever he may be, he will be a traitor who will have betrayed the Muslims and Islam. If someone utters so much as a word of co-operation with this man, he will be a traitor, he will have betrayed Islam for he) the Shah (is a person who is betraying Islam, who is destroying the dignity of Islam, who has given away our resources and has impoverished the nation.

                        Sahifeh, vol5, Page: 163-158


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