Massacre by Shah regime on Black Friday caused Pahlavi dynasty to collapse

Massacre by Shah regime on Black Friday caused Pahlavi dynasty to collapse

17 Shahrivar 1357 AHS (8 September, 1978) on the Iranian calendar was dubbed "Black Friday" when Shah regime imposed martial law in response to protests against Pahlavi dynasty.

Shah regime forces used tanks and helicopters to break up the largely peaceful demonstrators.

Thousands of protesters were killed on 17 Shahrivar 1357 AHS (8 September, 1978) during massive demonstration against Pahlavi regime in Tehran and other Iranian provinces 

The event reminds us of massacre of defenseless people by Shah regime forces in Shohada (Jaleh) Square in the Iranian capital in 1978.

The square was surrounded by Shah’s agents on all sides with machine-gun barrels aimed at the peaceful people from every side. 

The massacre led to the abolition of Iran's monarchy less than a year later. The victory of Islamic Revolution in 1979 under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini resulted in overthrow of the Pahlavi brutal regime.

Imam Khomeini strongly slammed the massacre by the Shah regime. Parts of Imam’s historic message come as following:

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The brave and noble nation of Iran:

“By ordering the imposition of martial law in Tehran and the large cities of Iran, the Shah has once again proved that he has no standing with the public. The announcement of martial law in an atmosphere of peace- according to the admission of the press and radio of Iran that the demonstrations were taking place peacefully- not only lacks legitimacy, but constitutes a crime. And the person who has passed the order is a criminal. The Shah had no better excuse than martial law to fire on the defenseless, oppressed people. In recent days, Tehran and all the other important cities have been witness to the peaceful demonstrations held by the people to show their state of being oppressed and their opposition to a criminal who for 53 years has held sway over their destinies, and whose crimes and treacheries in the country, and opposition to the constitution are obvious.” 

“The expression of opposition to the criminal who has ruined the whole existence of the nation came from those who had political acumen and piety to the utmost, so much so that they were prepared to shower the soldiers with flowers, but the" government of national reconciliation" condemned them for sloganeering against the constitution, whereas their slogans were against the violator of the constitution; that is, the Shah. The slogans were against the illegitimate, imposed regime; it was to show their being subjected to oppression. However, the truth is this that the Shah wants to take his revenge on the defenseless people. He wants to fire on the people by adopting the usual contrivances, and, in his own evil fancies, stifle them. However, it is too late; the downtrodden but alert nation of Iran has become aware. I do not as yet have accurate information about those killed and wounded. The news agencies report hundreds killed whereas reports from Iran mention the number as more than one thousand people. It is now the duty of the courageous people of Iran to send, in any manner possible, blood, medicine and food to their wounded countrymen who are numerous and not to stint them any sort of financial assistance.”

                    Sahifeh-ye Imam, vol. 3, pp. 478-80 


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