He was quite receptive to new and even opposite ideas

Imam's seminary classes were safe to express critical views

One of my memorable recollections from the study time at seminary, which I can never forget, is about the first time I attended Imam’s class of advanced seminary courses.  

Imam was teaching on Islamic transactions and the precepts of buying and selling. I was also a young and vibrant student, so I decided to make a note of his statements on the subject.

One day, after the class, on the way back to the home, I met the Imam and asked if I could submit my standpoint on the subject which had been written down along with his own statements to receive his critical views.

The Imam, who was quite receptive, welcomed the idea, despite the workload and the amount of affairs, I knew, he had in his personal and seminary life.

Such a positive attitude and feeling, was really astonishing for me. It was an expression of Imam's humility and modest behavior even towards an ordinary student like me.

More interestingly, Imam, taking a glance to my papers of nearly two-page long, said kindly:  

Your effort to express opinions and critical views is highly appreciated!

Narrated by: Hujjat Al Islam wal Muslimeen Sayyid Mohammad Sajjadi Esfahani

Keeping Pace with the Sunlight, vol. 3, p. 229

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