Imam Khomeini’s books and works widely received by foreign guests at unity summit

Imam Khomeini’s books and works widely received by foreign guests at unity summit

A book stall displaying Imam Khomeini’s works and books has been widely welcomed by hundreds of foreign guests participating at a unity summit in the Iranian capital Tehran. Dozens of Imam's works have been translated into several languages over the past years.

Dozens of Imam's works have been translated into several years over the past years.

has designed and presented several works of Imam Khomeini, the great religious and spiritual leader of Muslim world, in form of multimedia CDs and digital productions in English and Arabic languages.

A series of  comprehensive movies  about Imam’s biography and the multimedia items are among academic products appealing to and attracting the visitors.

It is noteworthy that several of Imam Khomeini’s works have been translated into dozens of languages over the some past few years.

These works are widely welcomed at domestic fairs across the country and international exhibitions around the globe. The works are increasing popular among scholars, research fellows and masses by passage of times.

Imam had written very deep and insightful books in several fields covering the philosophy, mysticism, poetry and Islamic jurisprudence.  The dynamic thought of Imam will continue to inspire revolutions and guide the generations to come in various parts of the world.

Attended by religious thinkers and luminaries from several countries across the globe, Islamic unity conference opened in the Iranian capital city of Tehran on Sunday.

The 32nd edition of the International Islamic Unity Conference, mounted by the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought has started its work with religious clerics and luminaries in attendance, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Entitled "Quds, Axis for Unity of Islamic Ummah ", the 32nd edition of International Islamic Unity Conference on the occasion of Unity week and the birthday of God’s final messenger, the Great Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is scheduled to be held from the 24thto 26th of November, 2018 (16-18 lunar calendar month of Rabi-ul-Awwal, 1440) in Iran Capital City of Tehran.
The theme of the event shows, obviously enough, facing the standing challenges ahead of Palestine is our main concern; given that, more responsibilities will be upon our shoulders and more effort should be made to brave the existing problems.

It is proven beyond the shadow of doubt, the main setback from which the world of Islam suffer is the occupation of Palestine by a racist and bloodthirsty criminal regime; this occupation is the main reason behind the existing crises, clashes, backwardness, and dispersion in the world of Islam which left Palestinians' houses destroyed, and many people displaced and killed.

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