Imam Khomeini was particularly careful in observing the right of the people

Imam Khomeini was particularly careful in observing the right of the people

Let me share one of my memories of the Imam[Khomeini]. One night I was with the Imam. I asked his opinion about a certain person. He was one of the most famous contemporary figures of the world of Islam. Everybody has heard his name, but I do not want to say it. Imam Khomeini (r.a.) hesitated for a moment and said, "I do not know him." Then he said something negative about that person. That was all.

One or two days later I had to see the Imam, so I went to him in the morning. As soon as I walked into his room and sat down before I had a chance to tell him what I wanted, he said, "The person you asked about - I do not know him. That is all." That is to say, he took back the negative thing he had said about that person. This is a very important point. That negative comment was neither an insult nor a slander. Fortunately, I do not remember what he said about that person. It was either because of the Imam's spiritual power or my forgetfulness. I do not remember much - I just remember that a criticism was made. He took the criticism back a couple of days later. He said, "I do not know him. That is all." This is a lesson for us. "Certainly you have in the Messenger of Allah an excellent exemplar." [The Holy Quran, 33: 21]

There are two ways you can speak about a person you are opposed to. One way is to speak on the basis of the truth and nothing else. Another way is to make a comment that is mixed up with injustice. The latter way is something bad, and it should be avoided. Just say whatever is right - only what you can explain in front of Allah the Exalted on Judgment Day. This is one of the main characteristics of the Imam's path and movement, and we should keep it in mind.

Jun 4, 2010


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