Imam's class was dynamic, interactive

Imam's class was dynamic, interactive

That kind of liberal education we felt in Imam's class was unique in the whole seminary education system.

The classes held by the great Imam were almost crowded not just due to the fact he was a prominent seminary teacher, but for the atmosphere we felt in his class to exchange critical views and opinions. 

For instance, in the class of theology he used to quote from the works of great theologians and Islamic scholars. Then he would express his own critical views either in confirmation or rejection of the ideas. And finally we were asked to play a role in the discussion and express our standpoints regarding what had been taught by him.

Such participation in class discussions was really an enjoyable experience and incentive for everybody so that we were counting the moments to explain our views or raise a critical question on the subject. Imam, of course, would answer the questions skillfully and elucidate the queries as much as possible.

More interestingly, if we remained silent in a discussion and prevented to explain something about the lesson, Imam humorously advised us:

“After all, it won't be a passionate mourning ceremony if I sermonize and you just listen. You are also required to participate in the discussion and announce your presence here in the class!”

Narrated by: Ayatollah Abbas Ali Amid-e Zanjani

Payam-e Enqelab Journal, no. 161


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