Reza Khan acted against cultural values, religious sentiments

Reza Khan acted against cultural values, religious sentiments

Reza Khan and its western backers acted against the Iranian cultural values and people’s religious sentiments by imposing a ban on Islamic veil.

One of the gravest crimes of the evil Pahlavi regime was the issue of January 8th in 1936. Banning hijab was removing the screen and the distance set by Islam between the two sexes.

Hijab is a wholesome practice that benefits men and women as well as society. It renders the society healthy and safe.

They had plans to inflict all the malicious abuse suffered by women in Western societies on Muslim Iranian women. Using strong-arm tactics, Reza Khan carried out this plan inside the country.

What the evil Pahlavi regime inflicted on this country and this nation during its dark and humiliating reign, in fact, forms one of the bitter eras in our history.

 One of the catastrophic activities was the issue of January 8th in 1936 which took place during Reza Shah's reign.

According to a plan, the enemies of Islam and Iran enjoying the assistance of the intellectuals affiliated to Pahlavi dynasty decided to separate the Iranian women from their decency and hijab and eradicate the tremendous power of faith which existed in Muslim societies owing to the decency of women.

Imam Khomeini, who ended the Pahlavi regime’s brutal rule by leading an Islamic Revolution to victory, said in this regard on various occasions as following:

By imposing ban on Islamic veil for women, Reza Khan’s shameful imitation of the ungodly Ataturk, caused and brought about shame for humanity. (   Sahifeh-ye-Imam, Vol.3, page 309) 

Probably you may not remember, in the name of unity and removing chādor, how much they coerced and how many fetuses were aborted owing to the harassment…  ( Sahifeh-ye-Imam, Vol.10, page 346)

 Before the tāghūtī regime, Qājār ruled the country; they were also corrupt but not so much as these people. These father and son beat the record of corruption! (Sahifeh-ye-Imam, Vol.10, page 134)

 We cannot simply believe that these vicious tasks were initiated and being carried out by Reza Khan himself.  This mindset was actually being ordered and convey to him by some tricky and sharp-minded entities. The success of such plots was spoiling the country.  (Excerpts from Imam’s book “revealing the secrets, P. 189)



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