Banning hijab was prelude to stripping women of their decency

Banning hijab was prelude to stripping women of their decency

Reza Khan regime’s intention from imposing ban on hijab was a prelude to stripping women of their dignity and decency.

When Reza Khan adopted these traditions from western culture, women were not allowed to keep their veils.

Women were truly and in all dimensions underprivileged in the society of the self-surrendered evil monarchical regime. If a woman wanted to enter the academia, she was obliged to relinquish her religion, piety and decency.

A Muslim woman could not easily retain her hijab, decency and dignity in the universities, academia, scientific and cultural centers. It was impossible! A Muslim woman could not, in the streets of Tehran and some other cities, walk with Islamic dignity and decency, even with a partial hijab, without being harassed and molested by some vulgar people obsessed with the corruption and immorality brought to us from the West.

They had created a situation in which it was generally impossible for women to acquire knowledge.

 There existed some exceptions. But generally speaking, women could not enter the academia, except by removing their veil and relinquishing Islamic piety and dignity!

The same was true in the social sphere. If a woman wanted to acquire a position in the society or politics during monarchical Iran, she had to relinquish hijab, dignity, decency and grace of a Muslim woman. Yet, it also depended on her innate qualities and essence. If she was very weak-spirited, she would slide down to the depth [of indecency]. If she was self-restraint, she could preserve herself to some degrees, but she was constantly facing increased pressures from the social environment.

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