Iranian official says World community has had enough of unilateral US policies

Iranian official says World community has had enough of unilateral US policies

A senior Iranian official says the international community has grown sick and tired of America's unilateralism, and that world nations such as China and Russia as well as Washington's own European allies have today chosen to stand up to the US.

"The fact that China, Russia and Europe are standing up to the US, at least on the political stage, is a step forward and heralds a change in global conditions compared to the past," Foreign Ministry spokesman, Bahram Qassemi, told China's Global Times.

Qassemi further slammed Washington's hostile sanctions policy against the Iranian nation, emphasizing, however, that such pressure tactics will fail to affect the country's independent decision-making process.

Iran, he added, "bases its decisions on the principles of independence and national interests. Tehran's policies do not rely on the viewpoints of world powers."

Qassemi also blasted the US administration's destructive Middle East agenda, saying Washington's wrong decisions in the region -- which have sowed chaos in Iraq, Syria Afghanistan, Yemen and Palestine -- leave the Iranian nation with no choice but resistance and steadfastness in the face of the US.

The Iranian official further described Washington as the initiator of a fresh wave of tensions in ties with Tehran, saying such problems are "rooted in the unfair sanctions, which the US re-imposed on Iran...after leaving the JCPOA and violating [UN Security Council] Resolution 2231."

Qassemi was using an acronym for the 2015 multinational nuclear deal, named the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, which the US unilaterally scrapped last year in defiance of objections from the other signatories -- China, Russia, Germany, France and Britain -- and the entire world community.

Following its exit from the JCPOA, which had been endorsed by UN Security Council Resolution 2231, the US unleashed what it called the "toughest ever" sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

Qassemi further played down the long-term impacts of the American bans and said, "Our people have already experienced such conditions and they remain highly sensitive to their independence. We are capable of overcoming the sanctions and moving on from this crisis."

The official also referred to President Donald Trump's offer of talks with Iran -- which came only after his administration withdrew the US from the JCPOA -- and said, "America is not after serious negotiations, and must first rebuild the lost trust" if it really seeks dialog with the Islamic Republic.

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