Why Imam Khomeini once refused to meet high-ranking official?

Why Imam Khomeini once refused to meet high-ranking official?

Imam Khomeini, who was busy in reciting Ziarat Ashura, had delayed the request of the general prosecutor to meet him.

In some narrations, Ziarat Ashura of Imam Hussain (PBUH) is highly recommended for spiritual growth and displays great devotion towards the holy prophet’s members who rendered sacrifices in Karbala.

The story of Imam Khomeini’s refusal goes back to early years following the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

Mr. Tavasoli, who was incharge of Imam Khomeini’s meeting says that once Mr. Qudousi, the then prosecutor-general came very early in the morning to see the founder of the Islamic Republic. Imam ususally at this time had always been always in reciting the holy Quran or supplications narrated by the infallibles. 

Within Imam’s direction, Mr. Tavasoli said to the official to take a walk in the nature until Imam’s meet him after completing the prayer and supplication.

From the beginning of his career -- both as a student and teacher of Islamic sciences, Imam Khomeini committed himself to a life of simplicity, of spiritual discipline to discover and understand the essential aspect of his life,

Imam Khomeini, who was dedicated to the Qur’an as revealed truth from God, shows throughout his lived life his total dedication to spirituality and morality. 

He took up the challenge of standing true to the Prophet’s mission of actively engaging the world to reform it and advance it towards a better future.





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