Imam Khomeini used to reap many spiritual benefits from holy months

Imam Khomeini used to reap many spiritual benefits from holy months

We have entered the last days of the blessed month of Sha’ban. There are indications that our magnanimous Imam used to reap many spiritual benefits from this month. Evidence shows that his, already enlightened, heart used to further increase his enlightenment during this month.

A well-known verse from Dua Sha’baniyyah: “Oh God, bestow on me the perfection to separate from everything and to join You and enlighten the eyes of our heart with the reflection of Your eyes in them” – was one of the statements that used to be repeated, frequently, in his speeches. He used to recite this verse often from that dua on different occasions. This shows that our magnanimous Imam had established a close relationship with this dua, which beheld such concepts, on such blessed days.  

Once, I asked him about prayers; in response, one of the prayers that he placed great emphasis on and which he preferred to others was Dua Sha’baniyyah. There are important verses in this dua, one of which is: “Oh God, bestow upon me a heart whose enthusiasm helps it get close to You. And bestow upon me a tongue whose sincerity reaches You. And bestow upon me truth-seeking eyes that seek You.” In this holy dua and prayer, such characteristics have been demanded of Allah the Exalted. This is a lesson for us.

And our magnanimous Imam was a person who was close to these lessons throughout his life. Thanks to this close relationship, this familiarity with the truth, and this closeness to God, Allah the Exalted gave him the power to launch this great and eternal movement.

(A memoris by Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution)


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