Analyst says Trump's cronies driving US into war with Iran

Analyst says Trump's cronies driving US into war with Iran

US President Donald Trump is being driven into a war with Iran by his cronies, a former American Senate foreign policy analyst says.

  James Jatras, a former Senate foreign policy adviser in Washington, told Press TV in a recent interview that Trump was personally against war with Iran, however, his cronies were pushing him in that direction. 

“Most people understand that Trump does not want war with Iran, but certainly the people around him are driving him in that direction,” Jatras said.

Jatras noted that the foreign policies dictated to Trump by his cronies since the US unilateral exit from the Iran nuclear deal were exacerbating  the problem and leading to an escalation of tensions.

“When for example he accuses Iran of exceeding enriched uranium limits does he even know that it is US policy of his own under layers that have forced Iran to exceed those limits by prohibiting them from exporting enriched uranium,” he said.

Jatras said he sometimes wondered who was really in control and whether this was a case which the tail was wagging the dog.

“I sometimes wonder if he really knows what the facts are on which he is commenting when he delivers these threats but my fear is this is not going any place good and whatever his own personal preferences are he is not really in control of developments,” Jatras concluded.  

Iran has warned Trump to be careful and show prudence as his notorious anti-Iran cronies, known as the B-Team, were bent on driving the US into a war with Iran. 

Measures instigated by the B-Team, were meant to lure Trump into a war with Iran, according to Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.

So far, “prudence prevented it,” according to Zarif.

The hawkish group referred to as the “B-team” by Iran's foreign minister is comprised of US National Security Adviser John Bolton, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

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