What was Shah’s request from Imam Khomeini?

What was Shah’s request from Imam Khomeini?

Imam’s response to colonel Mowlavi: “I cannot keep quiet when sharia orders me not to."

A cleric who said Farah, Shah’s consort was our relative related: colonel Mowlavi who was in charge of arresting Imam wanted me to make an appointment for him to visit Imam. I did so and we visited Imam.

Colonel face to Imam: my dear sir I’m of your sincere fellows! I’m your servant, your follower. I have a message for you from Shah. Shah, after greeting said that you’ll receive every title and right endowed to Ayatollah Borujerdi, please just do not hassle the regime and cabinet, your dignity and respect are already reserved. The cleric said Imam’s response was: “When Sharia orders to speak I cannot be silent”.

 Imam and the holly defend; the institute of compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini’s tracks, p86.

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