Some 180 prominent from dozens of countries attend international conference in Iranian city of  Damghan

Some 180 prominent from dozens of countries attend international conference in Iranian city of Damghan

Some 180 prominent personalities and academics from 38 countries are attending the international conference of those who struggle in the way of Allah" to accomplished their legitimate rights.

Family members of Sheikh Ebrahim Zakzaki, the imprisoned leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, and Sheikh Issa Ghasem, the exiled top religious authority of Bahrain, and families of the martyrs of the Islamic Revolution are attending the conference in Damghan University in northeastern Iran.

Speaking on Monday night at an international conference at Damghan University in northeastern Iran the Speaker of Iran's parliament has said the issue of Palestine is one of the most important issues of the Islamic World, and that the resistance of the Palestinian people causes fear and dismay for the Zionist regime.

 Ali Larijani emphasized that the behaviour of the enemies have left no option for the Palestinians but resistance.

He pointedly said: "The only way to confront the emenies conspiracies and plots is through resistance."

Elsewhere in his remarks, Larijani said: "The resilience and resistance of regional countries has forced the enemies to scheme and plot against the region, but the enemies will never win. Today, the enemies know just how powerful the resistance axis is."

He added: "The resistance of Islamic countries is a pioneering movement, which has had noticeable and significant effects in West Asia and North Africa."

Pundits maintain that Imam Khomeini took serious efforts to revive the role of oppressed people and nations on the world stage.

So there is a need to keep alive the political legacy of Imam Khomeini, the leader of Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution forever.

His legacy of views and values in life are still being treasured in the region and across the world.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to Imam Khomeini's dynamic thought and ideals in order to address the sufferings and hardships of Muslims all over the world.

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic led combat against oppression, established justice.

In addition to that, Imam Khomeini launched incessant struggles against oppression, injustice and tyrants at a very sensitive juncture of history.  

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