Imam Khomeini sought to establish a model society based upon Islamic constitution and norms

Imam Khomeini sought to establish a model society based upon Islamic constitution and norms

In the course of its revolutionary developments under Imam Khomeini's guidance, the Iranian nation cleansed itself of the dirt and impurities accumulated during the tãghũtī past and purged itself of foreign ideological influences, thus returning to the authentic intellectual standpoints and world view of Islam. The mission of the Constitution is to realize the ideological objectives of the Islamic movement.

In the view of Islam, government does not derive from the interests of a class nor does it cater to the domination of an individual or group.

It represents, rather, the crystallization of the political ideal of a people sharing a common faith and outlook, organized in order to pave the way, in the process of its intellectual and ideological development, for movement towards the ultimate goal the movement towards God.

 It now intends to establish an ideal and model society based upon Islamic norms.

The mission of the Constitution is to realize the ideological objectives of the movement and to create conditions conducive to the development of Man in accordance with the sublime and universal values of Islam.

With due attention to the Islamic content of the Iranian Revolution under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini, as a movement aimed at the triumph of all the mustaè‘afīn (oppressed) over the mustakbirīn (oppressors), the Constitution provides the necessary basis for ensuring the continuity of the Revolution at home and abroad.

 In the development of international relations in particular, the Constitution tries, with other Islamic and popular movements, to prepare the way for the formation of a single world community [in accordance with the Qur’ãnic verse]:  

This community of yours is one communityand I am your Lord, so worship Me, [21:92] 

and to sustain the continuity of the struggle for the liberation of all deprived and oppressed peoples throughout the world.

With due attention to the essential character or this great movement, the Constitution guarantees the rejection of all forms of intellectual and social tyranny and economic monopoly, and aims to entrust the destinies of the people to the people themselves in order to break completely with the system of despotism

[This is in accordance with the Qur’ãnic verse]: 

(He removes from them their burdens and the fetters that were upon them. [7:157]) 

In creating the political infrastructures and institutions which make the foundation of society on the basis of an ideological outlook, the righteous (sãlihīn) assume the responsibility of governing and administering the country [in accordance with the Qur’ãnic verse]  

 (Verily, My righteous servants shall inherit the earth. [21:105]) 

Legislation, which sets forth regulations for the administration of society, revolves around the Qur’ãn and Sunnah. Accordingly, the exercise of close and earnest supervision by just, pious, and just scholars of Islam (al fugahã’ ul-‘Adil) is an absolute necessity.

And as the purpose of government is to foster the development of the human being in its movement towards a Divine order [in accordance with the Qur’ãnic phrase]:

(And toward God is the journeying, [3:28])   

so as to bring about conditions favorable for the expression and blossoming of the human being’s innate potential for manifesting the divine dimensions of Man, [in accordance with the injunction of the Prophet],  (Mould yourselves according to the Divine morality, [Hadiiíth])

This goal cannot be achieved without the active and broad participation of all segments of society in the process of social transformation.

With attention of this aspect, the Constitution provides the ground for such participation by all members of society at all stages of the political decision-making process on which the destiny of the country depends, so that in the course of man’s development towards perfection, each individual is himself involved in and responsible for the growth, advancement, and leadership of society.

This is precisely the .realization of the government of the mustad’afin upon the earth [in accordance with the Qur’ãnic verse]: 

 (And We wish to show favor to those who have been oppressed upon the earth, and to make them leaders and to make them the inheritors. [28:5])

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