Tehran set to host 2nd international Quranic summit from Imam Khomeini’s perspectives

Tehran set to host 2nd international Quranic summit from Imam Khomeini’s perspectives

The Second International summit under the title of “Quran from Imam Khomeini's theoretical and practical perspective” is set to be held in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

The academic gathering has been organized with close coordination between the deputy director of the Qur'an at the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and the institute for compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini’s works.

Imam Khomeini’s ethics and consensus approaches in this regard will be the focus of participants and intellectuals who will present articles or deliver speeches at the conference.
The academics and experts are requested to send their articles and papers with a range of topics and major themes to the secretariat of the summit.

Some of the major themes come a under:

The Impact of Quran on Imam Khomeini's Intellectual Ethical and Social system

 Methods of Understanding the Quran and its Obstacles in the Field of Ethics and Education

 The Influence of Quran on Imam Khomeini's Jurisprudential Thoughts

  The Impact of the Quran on Imam's Thoughts in Politics and Governance

The Position of Ethics in the Social System of Islam

The Role of Government in Human Dignity

Professional and applied ethics

Definition of moral code and its difference with legal, legal and jurisprudential orders

Reflection of Social Ethics in Imam Khomeini's Commentary

The concepts of social ethics (such as trust, forgiveness, courage…) in Khomeini's speech and writing

 Controversies and differences between the foundations and ethical foundations of Islam and the West

A Comparative Study of Imam Khomeini's Ethical Theories with the Opinions of Others

The Principles of Social Ethics in the Holy Quran

Characteristics of Quranic Ethics from Imam Khomeini's Perspective

The Relationship between Ethics and Mysticism and Philosophy

The Relationship between Ethics and Politic

Ways to Return to the Quran in Imam Khomeini's Thought

Imam Khomeini's educational style in the development of the spiritual society

Quranic principles of Imam Khomeini's movement

Imam Khomeini's warnings about the moral decline of human societies

The Impact of Imam Khomeini's Practice and Thought on the Surroundings

Imam Khomeini's Innovations in the Development of Social Concepts and the Application of Cultural Thoughts

Moral Values in Politics in International Relations Politics

Foundations of Imam Khomeini's Political Jurisprudence in the Qur'an and Sunnah

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