Imam Khomeini promoted unity between universities and seminaries

Imam Khomeini promoted unity between universities and seminaries

The unity of the universities and seminaries ‎was declared by the late founder of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini. He emphasized upon this unity many times and highlighted its significance through his historical speeches and statements.

 The duty of both the clerics and ‎the universities is to protect the unity between the seminaries and ‎the universities.

The objective of this unity is to protect the existing divine system which ‎demands ‎our efforts and seriousness.

The greatest need for this unity is during the present time ‎wherein the ill-wishers have united against the Islamic Republic.

Imam Khomeini once in this regard said as following

“ Some imagined and wrongly presumed that there are two categories of knowledge or science- one Islamic and the other non-Islamic. For example: engineering- Islamic and non-Islamic. Physics-Islamic and non-Islamic. So they objected that the science or the knowledge cannot be Islamic and non-Islamic. Some wrongly concluded that the propose of making the colleges Islamic is to teach only the sciences concerning relation such as jurisprudence, science of principles and the interpretation. In other words, it will become like schools of old days. These are errors they committed in conception and comprehension. Or they indulge themselves into such mistakes.”

During these fifty years, our power has had been a loss or it was utilized to the benefit of the foreigners. Teachers of our schools are not Islamic teachers. There has had been no training alongside the education. Therefore, we do not have a man committed to his nation or not prefer and persuade his own selfish motives among the college fellows. Our colleges should be in the service of the nation. This is what we say. So our colleges should fundamentally undergo a change.

(Extracted from Explanation about the reformation of the country's colleges, delivered 17: 30 pm, April 21, 1980 [Ordibehesht 1, 1359 AHS/ Jamadiath-Thani 5, 1400 AH])

The following also comes a series of statement by Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei with regard to the unity between the universities and seminaries

The Day of Unity between Islamic Seminaries and Universities' is one of the most valuable legacies left by our magnanimous Imam Khomeini. This designation - like all his decisions and plans which were aimed at appropriate management of our society based on Islamic principles - was proposed by that most knowledgeable, virtuous and insightful scholar. It has been a blessing of his being, and, by Allah's favor, it will remain a blessing.
(An excerpt from the Leader's speech to a group of university students and the students of Islamic seminaries on December 19, 1990)

Besides being a prominent, intellectual and selfless cleric who was well aware of the requirements of his time, the late Shahid Mofatteh embodied some qualities that were rare among the scholars of the time. He had such great social skills that he could easily form appropriate relationships with the younger generation and students as well as those who were inclined to hear the message of religion from a cleric and a religion scholar. And it is no accident that 'the Day of Unity between Islamic Seminaries and Universities' - or the day of unity between the clergy and students - coincides with his martyrdom anniversary. There is a logical reason behind this coincidence. Having those rare qualities, he, to give him his due, was a genuine link between universities and Islamic seminaries. Allah the Exalted gave this esteemed martyr the reward he deserved, namely martyrdom. Martyrdom is a great reward, and Allah the Exalted never deprived His true servants, especially this righteous servant, of this great reward. We hope that the Almighty will raise his position day by day.
(Friday prayer sermons, December 17, 1999)

The essence of the unity between universities and Islamic seminaries boils down to a common goal. The goal is to proceed towards an advanced and independent Islamic society - a pioneer and model society that was aspired to by Imam Khomeini.
(Taken from a speech delivered by the Leader on December 19, 1990 to a large group of university students and students of Islamic seminaries)

The young, esteemed, diligent and faithful students of Islamic seminaries who have few expectations must all try to observe Islamic principles and increase the glory of the country along with the honorable university students - these young and beloved sons and daughters of our nation who are the most immaculate and the most virtuous academic elements of our society. They must also try to raise the flag of Islam, awaken nations throughout the globe and revitalize the world that has been worn down at the hands of arrogant powers. These students must study and work hard to ensure that the future of the Islamic Iran will be far better than its present status. You ought to set this as your goal. This is the ulimate goal of the unity between the Islamic seminaries and universities.
(Taken from the Leader's speech delivered to university students and students of Islamic seminaries on December 19, 1990)

The unity between Islamic seminaries and universities means science and religion moving shoulder to shoulder.
(December 20, 1989)

University students and the students of Islamic seminaries must appreciate one another. They must become familiar with one another and not feel alienated. They must help maintain the brotherly feelings. Before making verbal efforts, the clergy, too, must make practical efforts to set a perfect example of a scholar or student of theology to both university students and the students of Islamic seminaries. They must show that both groups are cooperating with each other eagerly and with a kind of positive sensitivity. This cooperation is what we mean by the unity between universities and Islamic seminaries.
(An excerpt from the Leader's speech delivered on December 20, 1989 to a large group of university students and students of Islamic seminaries)

Whether in universities or Islamic seminaries or the places in which you live and work, you must keep alive the memory of Imam Khomeini, the pioneers of the Revolution, our esteemed martyrs and the events of the Revolution and the Sacred War that were filled with enthusiasm.
(Taken from a speech delivered on November 2, 1994 by Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei on the occasion of the National Day of Fighting Arrogance)

We have two noble student organizations. One of these organizations has to do with acquiring the knowledge required to appreciate and propagate religion, to innovate in religious matters and to understand the current issues that happen in our everyday lives. These responsibilities are to be shouldered by Islamic seminaries that research theological issues and the learning of divine rules in all aspects of life. This issue is not to be confined to the corners of mosques and homes. Rather, this group of researchers must learn everything that has to do with the vast domain of human life. This group must learn about this domain, research its new rules, cleanse it of the impurities and present it most expressively in every society and era. This is a duty that has been entrusted to Islamic seminaries.

The other student organization deals with the management of all issues - minus religious issues - that are related to daily lives of the people. The people have to earn a living. They need roads and buildings, and they have physical needs. We need various types of information on the people. Researching the people's daily lives is a necessity. There are various fields and different types of knowledge that are at the service of improving the conditions of the people's lives. This organization is busy learning these types of knowledge... and finding ways to put this knowledge into practice. University students are seeking to use the knowledge produced by others, add something to it and present it to humanity. These are the responsibilities of the other student organization.

Now, if both of these student organizations function well and have friendly cooperation with one another, it will mean that this society will enjoy an improved religious and material life. The theology students will provide the people with general guidelines for life, and the university students will provide them with particular pieces of information that will help facilitate the specific moves that the people make in their lives. The former group will cleanse their thoughts, minds and souls of evil and immorality so that they can clearly understand how they should proceed, the means of which are provided by the latter group.
(Part of Leader's speech in a meeting with students, December 15, 1993 - the Day of Unity between Islamic Seminaries and Universities)

In an Islamic system, science and religion must proceed side by side. This is the goal of the unity between universities and Islamic seminaries, which are the two branches of the same science-religion association. Science and religion come together to form a single association, which has two branches: universities and Islamic seminaries. These two branches must keep in touch and be optimistic about one another. They must work together and not part company, and they must benefit from one another.
(An excerpt from a speech delivered on December 20, 1989 by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution in a meeting with university students and the students of Islamic seminaries)


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