The Presence of Millions of Imam Khomeini’s Lovers in the Funeral of this Wise Leader

Millions of the great Imam Khomeini’s lovers who were in sorrow of losing their leader, from the first hours of Sunday morning and after the radio anchor with a sorrowful tone had announced that the soul of God has rejoined to the angelic realm, people went to Jamaran in groups and mourned for losing their Imam.

People mourned in their traditional ways at the Jamaran Husseinieh, and the present civil and military officials along with them said their condolence to the household of Imam Khomeini.

At the funeral of the great leader of Iran’s Islamic revolution, the officials and authorities and religious leaders of other countries were present and among them we could point to Mahmoud Zuabi, PM of Syria.

Zuabi who was accompanied by Farouq al-Sharaa, the Syrian FM, at his entrance to Iran counted Imam’s passing as a great loss for the Muslim nation and stated: “I have traveled to Iran to deliver the condolence of Syrian government and nation to the mourning people of Iran and to participate in the funeral of Imam Khomeini, the great leader of Iran’s Islamic revolution.”

Also Abdollah Al-Rasi, the deputy of the Lebanese PM and the Interior Minister, along with a number of religious leaders and leaders of Lebanese and Palestinian Mujahids had come to Iran to deliver their condolence for the demise of this great leader of all oppressed people and to participate in his funeral.

Abdollah Al-Rasi in an interview with IRNA had said: “The Lebanese delegation have come to Tehran to represent the Lebanese government and nation besides the people of Iran in their great mourning and to deliver their condolence for the demise of Imam Khomeini.”

A delegation of clerics and scholars of England’s Muslims also had represented the Muslims of this country and delivered their condolences for the sorrowful demise of the leader of all free-hearted of the world, Imam Khomeini, and to participate in his funeral.
Tehran- IRNA

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