Complementing the Combatants of Islam and Congratulations on the Liberation of Khorramshahr

The liberation of Khurramshahr was not an ordinary thing. The fact that 15 to 20 thousand of enemy forces voluntarily surrendered themselves is not an ordinary thing. It is supernatural. Today, Iran is counted as a great and strong country and has become the talk of the town. [1]

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
All praise is due to the Omnipotent God who favored and supported the Islamic country and the committed and selfless combatants, granting us the great victory….

Congratulations and thousands of congratulations to you the dear troops of Islam on this great victory achieved by the grace of God. We had insignificant losses and endless booty while thousands of the wretched, devious troops of the enemy who were either deceived or coerced by the Takriti Saddam, this super criminal of the time, were killed, wounded or held captives. You proudly brought eternal honor and gift for Islam and the dear country. Congratulations to the powerful commanders who command such selfless combatants, whose twinkling star of victories will sparkle in history up to the blowing of the trumpet! Congratulations to the honorable people of Iran with such brave and selfless children who immortalized their name and the country! Congratulations to the great Islam with such followers who took the examination victoriously and proudly in the two fronts of war against inward and outward enemy, triggering honor for Islam!....

In the presence of God Almighty I fulfilled my divine duty. Let us now raise our hands in supplication towards the One God and pray for the armed forces of Islam and devotees of the Holy Qur'an and dear Iran, imploring God to grant them health, happiness and victory.

Endless greetings and salutations to the committed commanders of the armed forces and the selfless combatants as well as the brave and jubilating people of Iran! May God's peace, mercy and blessings be upon you.[2]
Rouhullah al-Mousawi al-Khomeini

[1] Sahifeh, Vol. 16, Page. 236
[2] Sahifeh, Vol. 16, Page. 224-226

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