Birthday Anniversary of Hadrat Fatimah Zahra (a) and Woman's Day

Today is a great day, a day in which a great woman came to the world who is equal to all men. A woman came to the world who is an exemplary human. A woman came to the world who is the entire manifestation of humane identity. So, today is a great day. Today is the day of all women.

I congratulate all you ladies and the women in all Islamic countries on this joyous feast marking the auspicious birth anniversary of Hadrat Fatimah az-Zahra(a ). I implore the Almighty God to guide all the respected women along the path that He has laid down, so that they can achieve lofty Islamic goals. It is a source of great pride for the women to designate Hadrat Fatimah's birthday as anniversary Woman's Day. It is a source of pride and responsibility.

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Sahifeh, Vol. 20, Page. 4

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