In honor of Lady Khadijeh Saqafi, Imam’s beloved wife

In honor of Lady Khadijeh Saqafi, Imam’s beloved wife

Lady Khadijeh Saqafi never did anything against Imam’s dignity and position. During the time Imam lived and after his demise, her most important concern was preserving Imam’s respect and dignity, even in her personal life.

Women as half of the human society in the ups and downs of history have had an effective and important but hidden role. Undoubtedly all the achievements and experiences of human life and all the social and historical developments and changes, were accomplished when women were beside men and in some of these events they were all alone.

Iran’s Islamic revolution which was leaded by a forward thinking person like Imam Khomeini, actually revived the Islamic noble thought. So, the discussion of defending women’s rights and them playing roles in different scenes of the revolution and the Islamic Republic was among the great achievements of our revolution.

Lady Khadijeh, because of being the closest person to Imam, and because of her huge amount of services inside Imam’s household during the revolution and because of her unique patience in difficulties and also because of other moral services of her, is among the first true companions of Imam Khomeini and attendants of freedom and independence of Iran.

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