The Master of Martyrs (as) has kept Islam alive

Imam Hussein (as), the Master of Martyrs, fought against oppression and tyranny and gave everything he had, his children, his family and himself in order to save Islam. Imam Hussein’s (as) movement was able to destroy a dynasty. The reason we cry for Imam Hussein (as) and hold mourning sessions, which we were told to do by Imam al-Sadiq (as), is not only because the tragedies of Imam Hussein (as) truly breaks our hearts and fills us with sorrow but it is to continue his uprising against oppression and tyranny.

Doyen of Martyrs (`a)has revived Islam

As for the matter the gentleman raised about the pulpit and altar, this I said once, if it is not censored! If it is censored, I will do something else. As you see our gathering here, it is because of Islam revived by Doyen of Martyrs (`a ). All he had including his assets, whatever he had, and his youths were sacrificed in the path of God. He rose up to solidify Islam and oppose oppression. He revolted against the empires of that time, much more in number of those of today, with a few people. He overcame the enemy, while being martyred, with this few people. He defeated the oppressive system and we are his followers. Mourning sessions from then are put up as ordered by Imam Sadiq (`a ) and recommended by the Infallible Imams (`a). We have similar case saying that this is against cruelty and tyrants. We have resuscitated the tragedy of Karbala and our preachers revived it as well. They revived a minor group with a great faith resisting a big taghout. Crying for martyrs is to revive the revolution. It is narrated that whoever acts up weeping, one shall be rewarded in paradise. [1] This is because even one who pretends to be weeping in grief of that tragic event is intending to maintain the revolt of Imam Husayn (`a). Our nation has preserved these sessions.

Lesson of `Ashoura

Imam Husayn with a few people sacrificed everything he had for Islam. He resisted a great empire and said" no." This" no" should be preserved every day and everywhere. These gatherings are held to preserve the same" no." Our children and youth might not imagine that we are a" nation of weeping"! Others to say" nation of weeping" inculcate this! They fear these tears that are shed in token of sympathy with the oppressed. The processions come out to rise against the oppressor. These are our religious rituals that should be kept. These are political traditions that need to be preserved. Take care lest these sold-out writers should trick you! Be careful not to be deceived by these people who appear by different names and deviating creeds to strip you of everything. They see that the elegiac sessions, remembering the disasters suffered by the oppressed and crimes committed by the oppressor stand against the oppressor. They do not understand they are serving the country and Islam.


[1]A group of the blind people who before this visit came to the Imam.
Date: October 22, 1979[ Mehr 30, 1358 AHS/ Dhou'l-Qa`dah 30, 1399 AH ]
Place: Qum
Subject: Expressing reasons behind hostilities of enemies; reply to accusations; philosophy behind Imam Husayn's(`a)uprising
Audience: Representatives of the different strata of people and tribes

Sahife vol. 10 ,page. 219-220-221

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