Philosophy of Hajj and mission of the Hujjaj) plural of Haji meaning pilgrim (in the massive politico-religious Hajj congregation

In fact, the blessed feast is the day the Muslims of the world are emancipated from the hegemony of tyrants and world-devourers thanks to the wakefulness of Muslims and the commitment of Muslim `ulama'. This great goal is feasible when different aspects of Islamic laws can be presented to the oppressed people, acquainting nations with Islam and not losing opportunities for this great fateful matter.

Date: August 26,1984 /Shahrivar 4, 1363 AHS/ Dhou'l-Qa`dah 28, 1404 AH
Place: Jamaran, Tehran
Subject: Philosophy of Hajj and mission of the Hujjaj( plural of Haji meaning pilgrim)in the massive politico-religious Hajj congregation
Occasion: On the eve of the auspicious `Id al-Qorban.
Addressee: Muslims of Iran and the world, Hujjaj of Baytullah al-Haram

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
Congratulation on the occasion of the great auspicious `Id al-Qurban to Muslims of the world and the great Iranian mujahid people who severed the hands of world-devourers from transgressing their Islamic land by their great revolution! By the will of God Almighty and support of the Savior) May our souls be sacrificed for Him (they will release themselves from the domination of the East and the West. To consummate their great revolution they will continue with their sacrifices for the revolution so that, God willing, the sublime goal of implementing the exhilarating laws of Islam find expression in the country.

In fact, the blessed feast is the day the Muslims of the world are emancipated from the hegemony of tyrants and world-devourers thanks to the wakefulness of Muslims and the commitment of Muslim `ulama'. This great goal is feasible when different aspects of Islamic laws can be presented to the oppressed people, acquainting nations with Islam and not losing opportunities for this great fateful matter. Which opportunity is greater than the enormous Hajj congregation God has provided for Muslims? Unfortunately different dimensions of this great fateful religious obligation have remained in obscurity due to deviations wrought by tyrannical governments in Islamic countries, miserable court akhounds) clergymen (and misunderstanding of some clerics and sanctimonious people throughout the world. These people of unsound understanding are opposed to even establishment of Islamic government, considering it worse than the arrogant governments. These narrow-minded people have confined the great Hajj ritual to a series of hollow practices and consider expression of the difficulties of Muslims and Islamic countries to be opposed to canon and something close to disbelief. The stooges of devious tyrannical governments stifle the cry of innocent people who have come together in this venue for crying out their problems by branding them atheist and opposed to Islam. These actors have confined Islam to mosques and places of worship in an attempt to keeping Muslims backward and opening the way for plunderers and hegemonic powers. They present attending to the problems of Muslims as opposed to Islam and the duties of Muslims and Islamic `ulama'. Unfortunately, the scope of this devious propaganda maneuver has been so wide that they consider involvement in any social and political matter in the Muslim community to be in contradiction to the duties of clergymen and religious `ulama', deeming involvement in politics an unforgettable sin. They restrict the Friday prayers to a rigid practice and dub crossing of this limit as opposed to Islam. It should be said that Islam has remained estranged and little known and Muslim nations isolated and unfamiliar with the verities of Islam.

It is incumbent upon sympathizing Muslim `ulama', writers, scholars, artists, philosophers, researchers, mystics and intellectuals who suffer from these issues and feel pity for Islam and Muslims belonging to any denomination and living in any place, to gird up their loins and enlighten the Muslims. It is essential to prevents this enormous threat to Islam and Muslims. Muslim thinkers should warn Muslims at mosques and in public gatherings against their negligence, preparing them for a general Islamic movement. They should know that this movement is possible but calls for great efforts and sacrifice. The Iranian nation- May God grant them dignity- has blocked ways for excuses and demonstrated that Muslims can stand against big powers and restore their human rights. By relying on the infinite power of God Almighty Who has promised to help those who help the truth, Muslims should launch the movement and do not give way to fear." O ye who believe! If ye help Allah, He will help you and will make your foothold firm." »1« They should strive to give reality to Islamic goals. First and foremost, they should curtail the hands of the devious powers opposed to Islam from Islamic countries and remove domestic and foreign barriers. They should confront the parties, governments, groups and persons who are opposed to Muslim movements, which are thriving. They should attach paramount significance to the struggle against such people across the world.

Rest assured that with the outright promise of God Almighty, they would progress and rescue the oppressed people from the clutches of tyrants.

Now that we are on the eve of Hajj rituals, it is necessary to highlight the mystical, social, political and cultural dimension of Hajj. It is hoped that this will serve as torch illuminating the path for more effective steps. On this subject many of the friends have offered materials. I also make a passing hint to some of its dimensions in the hope that the elucidation will serve as remembrance. The wonderful rites from beginning) wearing the pilgrimage garb as token of initiation of the ceremonies (to the end the talbiyah) recitation of Allahu Akbar (consist of mystical allusions. It will not be possible to go into detail in this occasion. Nevertheless, I throw light on some aspects of the talbiyah.

Repeated Labbayks) answering God's call for hajj (is genuine when one responds to the invitation of Allah and the comprehensive Name. »1« The question is the question of presence at the threshold and observation of the beauty of the Beloved. The speaker appears to have been enraptured by this beauty and repeats the response to the invitation followed by negation of any partner in its absolute sense »2«. This station is disclosed to the men of God; they do not mean association in divinity alone. Although negation of associate in divinity covers all stages to the annihilation of the world in the sight of men of letters and includes all" precautionary" and" recommended" cases such as" alhamdu laka wan-ni`matu laka" and" praise" attributes to the sacred essence, as well as his blessing and denial of partner. This state in the sight of the men of knowledge is the ultimate in appreciation of tawhid) unity (. It means that any praise and any blessing in the world of existence are the praise of God and blessing of God without partner. This sublime destination flows in any mawqif, mash`ar, wuqouf, movement, pause) sukoun (and action. Moving against this current is shirk) polytheism (in its general term and we the blind-hearted are afflicting by. Let us leave this point untold.

Of all its dimensions, the most neglected one is the political dimension of this massive ritual. Criminal hands have been more concerned with this dimension. Muslims in this era, the era of jungle, should be more obliged to remove the misgivings, because international actors struggle to deceive Muslims and keep them backward. The profiteering agents of these international actors, negligent ignorant ones, court akhounds of unsound understanding and ignorant ascetics and worshippers wittingly or unwittingly have stood in unison to undermine this fateful dimension of the Hajj that is instrumental in saving the oppressed people. The committed and enlightened Muslims sensitive estrangement from Islam and negligence of this dimension of Islamic laws that is more conspicuous and effective should struggle to awaken Muslims with their pen, words and writing. They can fulfill this duty particularly during the hajj assembly, because after this massive ceremony Muslims on return to their countries enlighten the world Muslims and oppressed people and move them to liberate themselves from increasing pressures of the tyrants claiming to be supportive of peace. Obviously, if this enormous international congregation in which oppressed Islamic nations from any religions, languages, colors and customs get together in a uniform garb remote from any pollution and adornment the fundamental concerns of Islam and Muslims oppressed people of the world from any school are not settled and arrogant and bullying governments are not checked, small regional and local gatherings cannot do anything and we cannot get an all-out solution.

Baytullah al-Haram is the first house erected for people. »1« No personality, no regime and no tribe can claim to have right of way in it. The Bedouin, the desert dwellers, homeless people and devotees praying in seclusion at the Ka`bah, city dwellers and statesmen are equal in it. »2« This holy place has been set up for people, for movement of the people for popular interests. What profit is superior to the fact that the hands of world oppressors are curtailed from oppressed countries and the people of those countries exploit the enormous resources of their own countries? A house that has been established for uprising should be devoted to gatherings to seek this end and secure the interests of people in this holy place. Darting stone at the big and small devils should be done in the stations. Merely being custodian of the House and serving water to the hujjaj and the mere edifice of the Masjid al-Haram do not suffice to reach the purpose behind hajj. Simplicity of the House and the Mosque as in time of Prophet Ibrahim and early days of Islam and congregation of Muslims in that unpolluted place and is thousand times greater than decoration of the Ka`bah and tall buildings while being negligent of the main purpose which is rising for people and securing the interests of people." Count ye the slaking of a pilgrim's thirst and tendance of the Inviolable Place of Worship as) equal to the worth of him (who believeth in Allah and the Last Day, and striveth in the way of Allah?" They are not equal in the sight of Allah. Allah guideth not wrongdoing folk." »1« The holy verse appears to have been send down in our age and is expressive of our situation. The holy verse considers those who are engaged in feeding and serving water to the hujjaj and embellishing the Masjid al-Haram but neglecting faith in God, the Day of Resurrection and Jihad in the cause of God. Faith in God, the most Exalted, and the Day of Resurrection pushes people to Jihad in the cause of God and uprising for revival of the truth and justice. God will not guide a people who are not like this, as they are oppressors.

The Almighty God and the holy Prophet) s (proclaim in the great day of hajj and cries out that God and the prophet are free from obligation to the idolaters." And a proclamation from Allah and His messenger to all mankind on the day of the Greater Pilgrimage that Allah is free from obligation to the idolaters, and) so is (His messenger." »2« In those days the US line and court akhounds who secured the interests of the Great Satan were not present to pronounce fatwa or religious decree that, God forbid, God and the Messenger have given orders and act against the hajj rituals, announcing that the hajj should be remote from these issues. The day when the Waliyullah al-A`zam, Imam of the Age) may God hasten his blessed reappearance (, reappears and cry at the Ka`bah for justice and shouting at oppressors and infidels, these very akhounds excommunicate him and support the tyrants. May God protect Islam and Muslims from the evil presence of the oppressors!

Let me now give some notes though repeated time and again to the brothers and sisters. I hope these notes will be regarded.

1. Spiritual states of the hajj that is the eternal asset of life and takes man to the horizon of tawhid and tanzih will not be achieved unless the ideological instructions of the hajj are completely and meticulously performed. The respected hujjaj and honorable clergymen in the caravans should exert all their effort to the teaching and learning of hajj rituals. Those who have command of the hajj rules rites should take care of their fellow hajj travelers so that, God forbid, no violation is recorded. The political and social dimensions of the hajj will not be accomplished unless its spiritual and divinel dimension is fulfilled. Your labbayks are response to the invitation of God. Make yourself muhrim to arrive at the threshold of God Almighty and while reciting labbayk negate from the idea of any partner to God in all stages and migrate from the" self", that is the great source of shirk towards Him the Glorified and Exalted. It is hoped that the seekers of the eternal rest can achieve it after the migration and receive the reward of sincerity towards Allah Alone. If spiritual aspects are pushed into oblivion, do not think one can free oneself from the clutches of the Satan of the self. As long as you are bound in your self and carnal passions, you cannot succeed in Jihad for God's path and defend the sanctuary of Allah) harimullah (. You dear ones come to your senses and look at the chivalrous combatants of the Islamic Republic who brought God-pleasing victories for Islam and the country and Some of the living martyrs are now accompanying you in the hajj ritual. Take lesson from the enormous change that caused them to make much sacrifice. Muslims should know that unless a degree of this change is not materialized in them, the Satan of the carnal passion and outward devils will not allow them to think of the Islamic ummah and the oppressed people of the world. I implore God Almighty to grant success to all.

3. You are departing for hajj from a victorious country that grappled under pressure of monarchy and rend the bonds of chains by sustaining heart-rending afflictions and offering thousands of martyrs and disabled in this cause. You are carrying the message of a people who saved a country that was about to be drowned in blasphemy and corruption by being oriented towards the East and more seriously towards the West, replacing that arrogant government by an Islamic order. You are going to convey the message of a people who plan to acquaint not only the Islamic countries but also the oppressed people of the world with dear Islam and just the Islamic government. You represent a nation whose revolution has moved the Islamic countries in the East and West of the world and the oppressed people across the world, by attracting their attention towards Islam. This nation conveyed the call of Islam to the people of the world and drew their attention towards Islam in the short span of the Islamic Revolution and amid the burdensome troubles engendered by the two superpowers and despite the sabotages worked by the terrorists affiliated to the two tyrannical wings. This nation has put up such resistance thanks to the blessings of Islam and its brilliant laws. You respected hujjaj of the Baytullah al-Haram are the bearers of the message of this nation and act as representatives. Therefore, you are in a very sensitive situation and your duty is very heavy. It is expected that, God willing, you would engage the attention of Muslims by your decent behavior and Islamic and revolutionary ethics and present the image of Islamic Revolution to world nations as it is. Attract their attention to the great revolution in Iran with your brotherly and loving treatment, thwarting the corrupt and biased propaganda horns against the Islamic Revolution in which case your hajj will be accepted and your spiritual reward multiplied. God forbid, some unaware hujjaj might act in contrast to what was cited in which case they have committed a cardinal sin in God's presence and His House and Qiblah of the Muslims. It is hoped they will not act conversely or else they will be excluded from the rank of the hujjaj of Baytullah al-Haram and pilgrims to the tomb of the Messenger of God) peace be upon him (and the Immaculate Imams, returning to their country with a load full of sin.

5. It is most likely that a number of the deviants and enemies of the revolution and Islam participate in this journey and join the rank of the respected hujjaj to defame the esteemed hujjaj and mar the image of the revolution and even Islam. They might commit indecent acts opposed to the instructions of Islam. They might deceive some believers who might assume it their revolutionary duties to follow them and give excuse to the opponents of revolution who are carefully seeking to explore the weak points of the Iranian hujjaj and carp at them. The opponents who accompany the caravans and marchers in gatherings in the holy stations) mawaqif (aggrandize the events and report to the dissident mass media apparatus to weaken the revolution. As such the esteemed hujjaj, particularly superintendents of caravans, respected clerics and vigilant persons are required to watch the movements and pauses and behaviors of the hujjaj and apprehend the violator as soon as observing a deviation. If you observed them insist on acts leading to corruption, you should preach them in mild language to stop the act and advise others to expel them from their rank. Be careful that corrupt people may occasionally raise hue and cry and generate commotion. You should avoid such moves.

6. The Muslims present in holy stations, be they from any nation and religion, should well know that the arch enemies of Islam, the Holy Qur'an and the honorable Prophet are the superpowers, particularly the US and its corrupt. Israel. Israel has fixed its covetous eyes on Muslim countries and spares no crime and plot to plunder the enormous underground and surface resources of these countries. The secret of their success in this satanic plot is to set Muslims at variance in any way possible way. In the hajj ceremonies, they may bring persons such as their affiliated mullahs to sever the union of Shi`ah and Sunni Muslims and foment this satanic effort to convince the simple-minded Muslims and trigger discord and corruption. The brothers and sisters of the two schools should be vigilant against the efforts of these blind-hearted mercenaries to obliterate or at least divert Islam, The Qur'an and the sunnah) practice and behavior of the Prophet (among Muslims. The brothers and sisters should know that the US and Israel are hostile to the essence of Islam, because they consider Islam, the Book and the sunnah as barriers in the way of their plundering. They know that Iran rose against them, launched the revolution and emerged victorious by following the Book and the sunnah. Today the plot against Iran and its government and the Hizbullah is in fact a plot to wipe out Islam, the Book and the sunnah. Iran is no more than a pretext. They sided with Iran in time of the Shah whose government was their devoted servant, had made Iran dependent on them in every respect and sought the idea of de-Islamization. They are opposed to today's Iran that has curtailed their hands of the country's resources and treasures and expelled their advisors and affiliates. Meanwhile, their real enemy is Islam. They favor the Islam contrived by some governments and akhounds worse than them, while this Islam supports them and their interests. This is why they stifle the innocent cry of the Iranian hujjaj in the center of revelation and ascension of prophets, pronouncing fatwa to excommunicate them." Many are those who moan and groan but few are the real performers of hajj." At this juncture, the divine duty of the hujjaj is to refute any subject they hear of speaker reeking of difference in the rank of the hujjaj. They should consider disavowal of infidels and their masters as their duties in holy stations so that their hajj would be like that of Ibrahim, father of the prophets) may God's peace be upon him (and that of prophet Muhammad) s (and so that" Many are those who moan and groan but few are the real performers of the hajj" would apply to them.

advice the respected Iranian hujjaj who are the bearers of the message of Islam and the holy the Qur'an and the message of the Islamic Revolution that in those holy stations, whether in Mecca or in the Medina, show toleration towards Muslims and non-violence to the agents. I advice you not to clash with them in that inviolable place and treat all based on human-Islamic ethics, stopping Muslims from violent behavior by brotherly advice and good admonition. If your opponents ill-treat you in contradiction to the instructions of the Holy Qur'an, do not reciprocate so that you would be honorable and submissive before God Almighty. You should know that persons are likely to be emotional in huge gatherings such as marches and might automatically follow a slogan inattentively. In hajj gatherings and rallies, which must be conducted peacefully and calmly, one or several devious individuals might chant controversial slogans that run counter to Islamic standards. They might try to impress the souls by their exhilarating appearance others impose their deviation. The respected Iranian hujjaj are required to regard these issues carefully. Those who lead the peaceful marches should formulate the slogans very carefully. Prior to commencement of the rally, a group that is aware of different political and social issues I consultation with my representative Hujjat al-Islam Mr. Mousawi Khoeyniha prepares slogans and directs the people. It should be announced that all are obliged to obey the prepared slogans, and not respond to other slogans. Order and peace should prevail.

01. The Iranian nation and government never want to waiver Islamic fraternity and employ force despite the fact that Iran has suffered undue oppositions on the part of many of the regional governments. Rather than releasing the region hand in hand from the clutches of big powers that look at them as dependent, regional governments have exerted all their energy to confront the government and people of Iran. They should stand against those who freely plunder their wealth, particularly their oil, and purge the region of the evil presence Israel, the regional government collude with the aggressor enemy of Iran and offer all-out cooperation against Iran whose only sin is that it wants to implement Islamic laws. They know that if this enemy of Iran finds the opportunity, it will extend its aggression from Iran to the entire region. They should know that the government of Iran with its enormous power originating from the favors of God Almighty and support of the 04- million-strong population is capable of retaliation. It has been clearly demonstrated that at times when affiliated governments are in trouble, the US and other powerful countries content themselves with verbal support by occasionally selling primitive arms at exorbitant prices, but never helping them resolve their problems. They cannot settle their problems, because of collision of powers in the world does not allow them to make open intervention greater than they do. In spite of this, we have always stretched our hand in brotherhood towards Muslim countries to diminish the influence of superpowers. You the regional governments observed what calamity the US and its associates brought for Saddam. While Iran was in a state of revolution and confusion, they incited Saddam to act as" Commander of Qadesiyyah," »1« attacking Iran from ground, sea and air. Treason of some of the then government practitioners provided greater opportunity for him. Nevertheless, despite the riots and confusions the chivalrous navy, air and ground forces grappled with, they pinned down the enemy side by side with the Sepah, Basij and the popular forces. After not much of time. They drove out the enemy that had occupied vast areas of our country in surprise attacks despite all the supports it received from different countries. You see the situation of this enemy of God and know that regional governments as compared to Saddam are insignificant. Saddam is today grappling in the dreadful quagmire to find a loophole but his cry is of no avail. If Iran found him a balanced man, there would be hope to save him, but with the mad spirit vividly overtaking him, the Iranian nation does not permit us at connive at his unforgivable crimes, leaving him free to continue with his treasons. So, he will be kept in a state of heartrending agitation between life and death as long as decreed.

I warn you regional governments to keep out of this perilous situation. Consult the wise men and contemplate your future without regard for the promises of the US and it friends who want to put you in trouble. They will entrap you using the same illusions they employed with regard to Saddam in an attempt to perpetuate their presence in the region and take control of the destiny of the region. Rest assured that if you shake hands of brotherhood with a government like the government of Iran that is committed to Islam and does not violate divine orders, you will not lose. It would be better for regional governments to muster up their forces to efface Israel from the face of the world.

Israel is a corrupt regime that has afflicted the innocent Palestinians and tyrannized heroic Lebanon, transgressing upon regional countries. What is better for regional governments than saving the region from the evil presence of Israel and the US by tightening their ranks? I have warned time and again that Israel considers lands from the Rivers Nile to the Euphrates to belong to Israel and views you as usurpers of their lands although they do not dare to express it outright. Saddam, the brother of Israel, is also struggling to exercise hegemony on the region. If supposedly he gains power, he will strip the region of peace.

I gave you brotherly piece of advice. You are the one to decide. I warn the governments such as the Egyptian government beware of being beguiled by US scheme to carry out adventurous acts on the pretext of the suspicious laying of mine in the Red Sea and Suez Canal. The hue and cries over the issue is so loud that it is nothing but a plot concocted by the superpowers. As everybody knows, the question is in a veil of ambiguity. Meanwhile the damage to a few ships and controversy of colonialist governments like the US and Britain and France is indicative of their plan to linger in the region. The greater the extent of the ado, the surer one will be of the hollowness of their claims. At any rate, if Egypt wants to confront a government and nation such as Iran that has launched a revolution to close the hands of oppressors, it should know that Muslim and revolutionary nations of the world would denounce Egypt and will not sit idly. Egypt's interest lies in non-involvement in the dispute. Egypt and countries like it should not place their destiny in the hands of the US and its friends by involving themselves in the dispute.

I implore God Almighty to grant victory to Islam, defeat blasphemy, enlighten Muslims and their commitment to advancement of Islamic purposes. May God's peace, mercy and blessings be upon you!
Rouhullah al-Mousawi al-Khomeini

Sahifeh, vol 19, Page: 18-28

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