Month of Bahman reminds of glorious epic of  Iranian nation

Month of Bahman reminds of glorious epic of Iranian nation

The Iranian month of Bahman is a reminder of the glorious epic of the Iranian nation that will be remembered and celebrated across years and generations to come.

Following the victory of the Islamic Revolutionin February 1979 under the unique leadership of Imam Khomeini, Iran became a role model for the entire Muslim world and the oppressed nations to relieve themselves form clutches of monarchies and arrogant powers.

Several analysts believe that the current Islamic awakening and a united front of Islamic resistence movements has been inspired by Imam Khomeini and all oppressed nations will continue to owe their dignity to this great personality of the Islamic world.

Each year the month Bahman reminds all Muslim Ummah and free-minded people around the globe of pleasant and unforgettable memories regarding the Imam’s unprecedented leadership and the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

It is worth-mentioning that the great Imam had been commanding and monitoring all events of the revolution on daily basis while in exile over the past years.

The 12th of Bahman reminds us of splendid and triumphant arrival of Imam Khomeini from Pairs to Tehran. Finally, in the morning of 12 Bahman, 1357- Feb. 1, 1979—the great Imam entered his homeland after more than a decade of exile.

The good tiding regarding the Imam’s decision to return to the country was spreading like fire in a jungle.  The people had been waiting for such a moment more than 14 years and whoever heard this news shed tears of joy and his joy know no bounds.

Millions of people around the country flocked and flooded the entire passage from the Mehrabad Airport to Behesht-e-Zahra, the cemetery and burial site of the martyrs of the Revolution, to hear the Imam’s historic speech.

“I designate a government by the support of this nation,” the great Imam said in his historic address.

During an interview to foreign media in Nofel Loshato, Imam had earlier said as following:

"The present atmosphere is increasingly against the Shah and God willing it shall shortly achieve its definite result, that is, the collapse of the Shah and the establishment of a just government."

"The Shah's excessive treacheries in all fields are our main reasons for opposing him. In contravention to all legal criteria, he has ruled for many years. His excessive massacres, his dependence on the aliens, and his destruction of the country in all its aspects condemn his usurping government. The nation does not want him; he must go."

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