Imam Khomeini revived Ashura in Nofel Loshto

Imam Khomeini revived Ashura in Nofel Loshto

Imam Khomeini used to emphasize that so much blessings result from this very mourning month of Muharram.

This conducting of mourning of the one who is the greater martyr of the world has so much blessings.

The first day of Muharram in Nofel Loshato coincided with the first night in which the people of Iran said glorification on the roofs.

That very night one called from Tehran and said that I will put down the telephone on the side of the window  so that you will hear the voice of the people that was mixed with  bullets.

 I recorded the voice and I took that to Imam. Imam had beads in his hand and was in the room; he was standing and was reciting Ziarat Ashura.

 While we did not notice Muhrram month subjects he was saying Ashura in a land that perhaps was said for the first time in there.

(Source: some interpretations of Imam Khomeini's behavior and character, volume 3, pp.41, a memory of the deceased Hojat-al-Islam Ferdosipour)

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