The creation of Islamic unity in practice is the great ideal of Imam Khomeini

Doctor Makee Ghasem Baghdadi

 The thought of Islamic unity comes out of the self of the Muslims of the world; the practical field of that thought of Imam Khomeini should be provided and that should be good.

The thought of Imam is one that is related to the self; it is a thought that is related to Man and it is inspired by religion. He talks to the Man's self and Man is pulled towards his self.

So after the efforts made by the world arrogance in order to prohibit the extending of Imam's thoughts the next factor is avoiding the self and that makes Muslims far from Imam's thought which has to do with the self. In my view the unity of the Muslims and even the unity of those that obey humanism is the main solution; unity of the method, the subjects, the goal and moving and that is the rule and that does not just include Muslims, the Shias and the Sunnis and in fact it includes all of the human beings. Arrogance fears the thought of Imam; that important matter should be considered when we are concerned with out Islamic path.

Doctor Makee Ghasem Baghdadi

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